Windows 11: Some incompatible PCs are compatible but these are false negatives according to Microsoft

Windows 11: Some incompatible PCs are compatible but these are false negatives according to Microsoft

Alexandre Schmid October 09, 2021 at 10:4928

Definitely, nothing is simple with the launch of Windows 11.Some PCs are announced as incompatible by Windows Update and compatible by PC Health Check.

Here is a new episode in the "compatible or not" season of the series "Installation of Windows 11".This time, it seems that users equipped with a computer with the required minimum configuration see a message appear that their PC does not have the necessary specifications for the update.

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Windows Update in question

Windows 11 : certains PC incompatibles sont compatibles mais il s'agit de faux-négatifs selon Microsoft

The warning is displayed in Windows Update and the system offers the user to verify what is wrong and if it can do something in the PC Health Check application.Except that by going to the said app, we realize that the computer should be able to install Windows 11: only Windows Update does not agree.

"We are aware of the problem, and we are currently working on the development of a fix," assured Microsoft support for Windows Latest.We can therefore hope that the concern is quickly set because in the meantime, these false positives prevent the simple installation of Windows 11 via Windows Update.

Microsoft has launched an investigation

No temporary solution was shared by the Redmond firm to compensate for the problem.Computers victims of this interpretation error are still after a restart or installation of the available updates.Microsoft said that if you are concerned, you can describe your situation through the Hub feedback app, the feedback helping to determine the origin of this hitch.

If you are in a hurry, you always have the possibility of installing Windows 11 by a way other than Windows Update, via the Média Creation tool for example.Also remember that Windows 11 can be installed without TPM 2 chip 2.0, even if Microsoft does not recommend it.

Source : Windows Latest