How to prepare your car for long summer trips?

How to prepare your car for long summer trips?

The summer vacation period is here and therefore, the time to secure your trip has come! Traveling with your own vehicle offers certain privileges, such as taking longer or more frequent breaks, enjoying the comfort of the automobile, etc. But like all good things, it requires some effort on your part before leaving. This is a meticulous check of your car.

Travel in the comfort of your own vehicle

Things to consider before a long trip

Here is the list of the most important things to check before you go:

However, if after changing the bulbs and cleaning the projectors, you notice that they are less efficient and the light is not as strong as before, it is better to replace them. In the end, it is your safety that must be guaranteed! If after cleaning, the headlamp cover remains yellow or opaque, this is another sign that you should change your headlamps!

If you notice that your main projector needs to be changed, do not hesitate to visit the Daparto website! This is where you can find, compare and order replacement parts for your vehicle.

Once the part has arrived, you can replace it, following the steps:

Don't forget to check the fog lights too

Enjoy the beautiful landscapes