How to store Lightning EarPods in the old box |  iGeneration

How to store Lightning EarPods in the old box | iGeneration


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Apple no longer provides a plastic box to store the Lightning EarPods, the headphones that come with the iPhone 7. Even if you buy them separately (35 €), the small storage box is not included. However, the old box can be used to store the new headphones. Here's how:

Stated like this, this procedure seems hellish, but when you get the hang of it, it's actually very simple. And with a little practice, you should be able to do it in about 30 seconds. By the way, if you use a pair of EarPods with jack, the method is the same and it will be much easier to close the box!

Even though this solution is slower than throwing your earphones at the bottom of the bag, it is much faster when it comes to getting the EarPods out. No need to untangle them, they will very simply come out of the storage box and be ready to be used.

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666 |

Well... are we bored at the office or what? :p

PandaB2A |

Oh wish wireless Airpods! XD

keyhou |

Hahaha thank you for this tutorial xD

xipiron |


ArnaudNe |

Otherwise we store them like this:

100x easier, no hassle and no need to make a dedicated video/article/notification (about a box which, as you said so well in a previous article, "is of no use to any human being normally constituted").

Nicholas Furno |


And it closes like that? ?

Otherwise, there is internal editorial debate on the subject. An eventful debate, and again, that's an understatement.

ArnaudNe |

@nicolasf: Having tested the two techniques, it even closes better.

Nicholas Furno |


Gosh, does that mean we don't have the best technique? I'll try that tomorrow!

simnico971 |

Hey, we're no longer a fan of the piece of cardboard at MacG? I thought this box was fragile and unusable...

alan1bangkok |

headphones  don't store ..they throw away

ValeRoss46 |

@alan1bangkok: Oh yeah you are very ecological you ^^

Henri_MTL |

@alan1bangkok: +1

Indeed once out of their packaging, it lasts a year / a year and a half max, I've had a few pairs to date and it's really shit. So much so that now I buy them $4 on Fasttech, it's not worth spending 10 times more to fatten Apple.

666 |

New Apple ad "power"I love it

remsdevoiron |

I had tried exactly like that and it didn't work, it gets too stuck with the lid. That said, the procedure to follow is exactly the same as listening to a jack plug that went into this same box.

Matgamer |

Otherwise with my Wiko Wax I have headphones with flat wires, even if the sound quality is much worse than the EarPods at least he doesn't interfere!


@MatgamerThey don't meddle in what?

NerdForever |

I loved the sentence of the article: "Since the new connector is much thicker"

Fortunately, we made believe in saving space by removing the jack...

The gain is and will always be on Apple's side on this one and not on the user's side... Knowing that from the beginning we could recover the sound by the lightning or even the 30 pin to pass the sound on a DAC!

But hey, the marketing bullshit and the pressure on the media is such that those who dared to defend the mini-jack pass for backwards who have understood nothing...

Billytyper2 |

@NerdForever: Well, I think it's still going on…still didn't understand so ;-)

Jeckill13 |

@NerdForever: It's thicker on the cable! And the jack plug came in addition to the lightning plug. So removing it (apart from the pros and cons and all the debate that ensues) does make room inside the terminal.

ZANTAR2054 |

Cool little videos. Thanks MacG.

phili |

Arf when I said that it took less than 30 seconds to store the airpods jack in their box I was not a normal human being. When I said it was faster than having to untangle them then they laughed at me. And when I said that they didn't get damaged that way, I was crazy, because anyway this box was even more fragile than Apple cables. I'm barely caricaturing. You are truly incredible. In the same vein you brag about Apple's courage in removing the jack port, I expect you to marvel at their intelligence when they remove the magnetic plug from the MacBook Air.

NerdForever |

@ Jeckill13: Yes, that's what I've always said Apple thinks about making room for itself as a manufacturer but doesn't save space for the user... Cable adapters...