Which wireless headphones to choose to play sports?

Which wireless headphones to choose to play sports?

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To practice a sport, nothing better than dynamic and motivating music.However, a helmet is not the most suitable solution.On the contrary, you need a pair of wireless headphones.Lighter and comfortable, they will accompany you everywhere.Here is our comparison of the best wireless headphones to play sports.

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Wireless headphones for sport are your perfect allies for regular or occasional sports activity.They are efficient and easy to transport.In addition, the absence of a wire ensures you great freedom of movement.To choose the best model of Bluetooth headphones, some points are to be taken into account.First, these wireless headphones must have good autonomy.In this way, you can do sports without constantly worrying about the state of the battery.Then, a water resistance is appreciable, because it will allow you to continue your activity even in the event of an unexpected downpour.Finally, for more ease of use, we recommend that you favor models with orders on headphones.This allows you to control telephone calls and music serenely.Finally, some wireless models for sport offer an active reduction.This feature is ideal for removing ambient noises.You will be able to fully enjoy the audio quality of the device.

our selection

  1. Écouteurs A3922, Anker
  2. Écouteurs X9, Abay
  3. Écouteurs WM01, Baseus
  4. Écouteurs Redmi Airdots 2, Xiaomi
  5. Écouteurs Air2 SE, Xiaomi
  6. Écouteurs Powerbeats Pro, Beats
  7. Écouteurs WF-SP800N, Sony
  8. Écouteurs Galaxy Buds Pro, Samsung
  9. Écouteurs EarBuds, Bose
  10. Écouteurs Elite 85t, Jabra

How to choose wireless headphones for sport?

Quels écouteurs sans fil choisir pour faire du sport ?

The first thing to do is to make sure to choose wireless headphones that hold well in place.Indeed, during your training, sudden movements must not bring down the headphones.For this reason, favor devices with excellent hold in the ear.Some models are for example equipped with a hoop encompassing the ear.In addition, the presence of different tips of tips is a plus.This allows you to find the model that best suits your ear morphology.In general, wireless sport earphones must be too large or too small.In this way, they associate good support and good sound quality.Then it is best to opt for wireless headphones resistant to water, perspiration and dust.You will be able to use them regularly without worrying about the place or the weather.This also helps preserve the device against premature wear and tear.This seal is indicated via certifications such as IPX4 or IPX7.Finally, some brands are renowned for the quality of their Bluetooth Sport headphones.We can notably quote Bose, Samsung, Sony or Beats.The latter have proven themselves and generally have many essential features.

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