[Tuto] Put auto-tune on everything and anything with the Voloco App Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 5 Step 5

[Tuto] Put auto-tune on everything and anything with the Voloco App Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 5 Step 5

Like all self-tune apps, Voloco allows you to change your voice so as to sing just.Available free of charge since 2010 on Android and iOS, it has recently been brought up to date by Joaquin Baldwin (who works at Disney) and her self-tuna cat, Elton.

Did the desire to do the same thing for us?You have to admit that yes!

Connect your headphones and indicate if you want to create an audio track or save a video.Before you start, the application gives you the opportunity to select a song from your own music library or a title already recorded in Voloco Beats.So Team Music of accompaniment or Capella team?Once your choice is made, you will only have to click on start.

Whether you have chosen audio mode or video mode, you will be entitled to the same starting pack to allow you to mix your performance.To start, you must choose the scale (major, minor, blues ...) and the key to which you want to make your recording.Note that if you do not touch anything, the application will automatically agree with your voice stamp.

Now choose your favorite effect to self-tune your voice.Again, Voloco offers you a free starting pack.If you want to unlock the rest of the effects, you will have to get your hands on the wallet.The application provides basic mixing parameters that make it possible to select the force of the effect or define a tempo.You also have access to mastering settings with an equalizer, a compressor and even reverberation parameters (if you see what it does to sing in a cathedral, it is quite possible).

[Tuto] Mettez de l’auto-tune sur tout et n’importe quoi avec l’appli Voloco Étape 1 Étape 2 Étape 3 Étape 4 Étape 5

It’s now up to you to play and push the song!Be careful, however, to place your microphone, the expected effect will not be the same if you have the microphone near or far from your mouth.To obtain the best possible sound, the ideal is to position the microphone slightly at an angle, at the corner of your lips.

Once your performance has been recorded, you will have plenty of time to listen to it.If you are satisfied with yourself, you can rename it then save it in your Voloco library.If you wish, the app allows you to directly share your performance on social networks.

Towards further use

The creative company has developed a free plug-in version of the software for Windows and Mac so that producers can use its automatic setting in audio work software like Ableton or Logic.

If you want to make the best feat possible, a YouTube Slam Academy channel has bothering to detail a kind of user manual in 14 short videos schematized.It is in English but the screenshots allow you to follow quite easily and thus discover the different modes of the application.Finally, we let you explore the Voloco Twitter account where you will discover some nuggets that you can inspire.