The best helmets and headphones to listen to television without disturbing

The best helmets and headphones to listen to television without disturbing

Creating your own home cinema installation does not necessarily mean filling your house with speakers, amplifiers and cables.But even if an immersive surround sound - with a grumpy subwoofer - do you really want, the headphones and helmets selected below can really meet your expectations and more.

However, this will depend on the major reason why you want to couple a helmet with your TV.Perhaps you share your living space with roommates or relatives sensitive to noise.Or maybe you love to watch blockbusters with the maximum volume to the maximum...Which is not the case with your neighbors.

Whatever your goal, having the right information will help you easily choose the right helmet or the right pair of wireless headphones.With a user experience close to a decent home cinema system.This scalable guide will fully accompany you in your purchasing process, it will also provide you with the most attractive and most recent prices given in 2022.

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What to seek as a priority?

In practice, the use of an ordinary Bluetooth wireless helmet with a television poses big problems.Even if your connected television is equipped with Bluetooth technology, it will be a standard Bluetooth standard which will lead to a certain latency in labial synchronization.There are two possible alternatives:

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Which helmets and headphones to choose to listen to your TV programs?


Le meilleur casque compatible Dolby Atmos

Caractéristiques techniques
Portée: TBC (5 GHz RF)Autonomie: Jusqu'à 12 heures Haut-parleurs: Néodyme de 40 mm Réponse en fréquence: 20 Hz - 20 kHz Poids: 330 g
Pourquoi l’acheter
+Dolby Atmos et DTS:X supportés+Système 7.1.4 canaux
Pourquoi attendre
-Faible autonomie-Cher

If you are looking for a helmet capable of providing you with the most immersive sound scene as possible, when you look at a superproduction, you will find it difficult to find better than theJVC XP-EXT1.Compatible with Dolby Atmos and DTS audio technologies: X, this wireless helmet offers you a home cinema system including surrounding sound 7.1.4 immersive.

The key characteristic here is exofield, exclusive JVC treatment algorithms that create a 3D sound field between the two earrings.TheJVC XP-EXT1 helmet can also convert a stereo sound or 5.1 in an immersive multichannel sound, and to connect to a processor by digital transmission RF 5 GHz.The transmitter case, supplied with the helmet, has a couple to a TV via an HDMI port.

2.Sennheiser RS 5200

Les meilleurs écouteurs TV pour suivre facilement la moindre conversation à l'écran

Caractéristiques techniques
Portée: 70 mètres Autonomie: Jusqu'à 12 heures Haut-parleurs: Néodyme dynamique Réponse en fréquence: 15 Hz - 16 kHzPoids : 61 g (récepteur, piles incluses) 235 g (émetteur)
Pourquoi l’acheter
+Une réception fluide, idéale pour les amateurs de films bavards... +... et de bandes sons spectaculaires
Pourquoi attendre
-Design singulier, style stéthoscope-Pas de support Bluetooth

The RS 5200 is essentially an audio transmitter: a long and fine base station attaches to the optical or analog audio outputs of a TV and transmits to the wireless headphones.

Les meilleurs casques et écouteurs pour écouter la télévision sans déranger

Not just any headphones, be careful.This gadget presents itself in the shape of a y, with a receiver and a battery on its rod and two arms which each receive a fairly large and salient ear tip.Yes, it looks like a stethoscope and it takes a while to get used to it...But these TV headphones work, especially to help you capture a slightly too fast dialogue salvo.

3.Creative SXFI Theater

Le meilleur casque TV pour vous immerger dans un film ou un jeu vidéo

Caractéristiques techniques
Portée: Jusqu'à 10 mètres (2,4 GHz RF) Autonomie : Jusqu'à 30 heures Haut-parleurs: Néodyme 50 mm Réponse en fréquence : De 20 Hz à 20 kHz Poids : 346 g
Pourquoi l’acheter
+Fonctionne avec PC/Mac, PS4 et Switch+Le son Super X-Fi est excellent
Pourquoi attendre
-Connectivité USB uniquement-Pas d'entrées Bluetooth ou TV

Strictly speaking, the Creative SXFI are intended for gamers.The first clue is that they are delivered with a detachable microphone (for the voice chat).They also use a SXFI TX wireless transmitter (a USB dongle) which only works on PC or Mac computers, a PlayStation or a Nintendo Switch (and not with an Xbox console).However, given that the films and series Netflix or Amazon Prime Video can be viewed on game consoles, we think that the Creative Sxfi Theater helmet deserves its place here.

Designed to produce virtual surround sound, it uses a tx wireless transmitter dongle that connects to a home station, it connects via USB to any device capable of transmitting an audio flow.Once it is connected, everything revolves around the Super X-Fi effect of the Creative SXFI, which simulates a surround network 7.1 - Although it does not support Dolby Atmos or DTS standards.

4.Sennheiser RS 175 RF

Le meilleur casque TV pour deux personnes

Caractéristiques techniques
Portée: Jusqu'à 100 mètres (2,4 GHz RF)Autonomie: Jusqu'à 18 heures Haut-parleurs: Néodyme 50 mm Réponse en fréquence : 17 Hz à 22 kHz Poids: 310 g
Pourquoi l’acheter
+La base peut accueillir jusqu'à deux casques +Son surround virtuel
Pourquoi attendre
-Produit vieillissant

Sennheiser produces some of the most admirable wireless helmets on the audio market - take a look at the Sennheiser Momentum 3, for example - but this installation constitutes a little known jewel of telephiles.With a closed back design, it was created specifically to play or watch TV.The whole consists of a wireless helmet and a TR 175 transmitter which uses radiofrequency;The latter has an optical audio intake and a simple stereo audio plug (supplied with cables) to be fixed on a television, a game console or a amplifier.

The helmet, which uses two AAA rechargeable batteries, can be recharged on the transmitter itself and, as a bonus, this transmitter can disseminate the sound to two pairs ofSennheiser RS 175 RF.The modes of its include virtual surround sound and a dynamic bass strengthening.

5.Sony MDR-RF811RK

Le meilleur rapport qualité-prix pour un casque TV

Caractéristiques techniques
Portée: Jusqu'à 100 mètresAutonomie: Jusqu'à 13 heures Haut-parleurs: Néodyme de 40 mm Réponse en fréquence : 20 Hz - 20 kHzPoids: 310 g
Pourquoi l’acheter
+Peut prendre en charge deux casques+La station de base est compacte
Pourquoi attendre
-Son stéréo basique

Here is another immersive system that can support a pair of helmets connected to a base station.From a remarkable value for money taking into account the brand's high-end antibut helmets, the MDR-RF811RK uses traditional RF technology to create a latency without latency between the station and the helmets.The RF unit also serves as a charging station for the MDR -RF811RK headset - which uses 2 rechargeable AA batteries - and connects to the headphone jack of a TV using a simple 3.5 mm audio cable.Stereo sound is quite basic, but the ease of use and reliability of this product prevails over this limitation.

6. Bowers & Wilkins PX7

La meilleure connectivité Bluetooth sur un casque TV

Caractéristiques techniques
Portée: Jusqu'à 60 mètres (Bluetooth 5.0) Autonomie: Jusqu'à 30 heures Haut-parleurs: 2 x 43,6 mmRéponse en fréquence : 10 Hz à 30 kHz Poids: 310 g
Pourquoi l’acheter
+Codec aptX Adaptative+Annulation active du bruit+Léger
Pourquoi attendre
-Plutôt cher

If your connected television supports the Bluetooth standard, it is tempting to use a wireless helmet of the same ilk to watch your TV programs.This can work, but there is often a problem of synchronization of the lips in return.However, this is not a major concern if you rather listen to music.The PX7 adopts the Aptx Adaptive Codec of Qualcomm to further reduce the Bluetooth connection latency.With three levels of noise cancellation, the PX7 appears pleasant to carry in noisy environments, and can read audio files via a USB connection...From a computer or any phone or tablet.

However, to take advantage of this low latency codec, you will have to connect a adaptive Bluetooth Aptx transmitter to a supported device, such as a PS5.We are not aware of televisions who natively support it for the moment.


How can I listen to my TV programs with a wired helmet?

Although the helmets and headphones presented in this guide are wireless, you can watch TV using wired audio devices.The easiest way is to connect them directly to the 3.5 mm audio input of your TV (but you will need a pair of helmets with a long cable for that).

If your TV does not have a 3.5 mm input, you can buy an RCA-3.5 mm adapter and connect the headphones to the RCA stereo outputs on the TV.

Can I use my Apple Airpods to watch TV?

Yes, you can use Bluetooth of AirPods models, but it's even easier if you have an Apple TV 4K streaming device.Airpods 3, Airpods Pro and Airpods Max are optimized to operate with other Apple devices, and Apple TV models are no exception.They even have spatial audio support for immersive and cinematographic sound.

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