Galaxy Buds Live: Samsung headphones are €50 cheaper on Amazon

Galaxy Buds Live: Samsung headphones are €50 cheaper on Amazon

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Galaxy Buds Live are Samsung's new wireless headphones that feature active noise reduction for the first time. Today, they are found at 146 euros instead of 199 on Amazon.

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Samsung has finally taken the plunge into active noise reduction with its new headphones: the Galaxy Buds Live. They are not as good as competing solutions like Apple or Sony, but they clearly show better value for money with a discount of more than 50 euros.

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Instead of 199 euros, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are now available at 146 euros on Amazon, only in black. For the other colors, the silver one is 155 euros and the other bronze is 169 euros.

Find the Galaxy Buds Live (black) at €146 on AmazonFind the Galaxy Buds Live (silver) at €155 on Amazon Find the Galaxy Buds Live (bronze) at €169 on Amazon

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At first glance, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are very attractive. They feature a design never seen before, in the shape of magic beans straight out of the animated Dragon Ball. Surprise, it is very comfortable once in the ear and the support is quite good. They are also IP X2 certified to withstand a few drops of water, but no more. There are also tactile zones on the surface of the ear cups, which are more customizable.

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SamsungGalaxy Buds Live

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Galaxy Buds Live: Samsung headphones are €50 cheaper on Amazon

Although attractive to the eye, this open-fit format does not allow for good passive isolation. As a result, the active noise reduction technology – integrated for the first time on Samsung headphones – is clearly anecdotal. You are warned, because even when this feature is activated you hear the surrounding noise. It's a shame for true wireless launched at 200 euros, but a little less with a promotion.

The sound quality is obviously signed AKG, so very focused on the bass. It's ideal for some genres of music, but less so for others... if that doesn't suit you, it's still possible to access six different modes via the dedicated app: normal, amp, bass, light , dynamic, clear and treble. It doesn't replace a real EQ, but it's still there.

Samsung's new wireless headphones will stand out above all thanks to their excellent autonomy. Each headset is equipped with a 60 mAh battery that allows it to last for more than 7 hours of listening, even with noise reduction. With the case, which is also very cute and compact, this figure rises to around 30 hours via 3 additional full recharges.

To recharge everything, put the headphones back in their box and then plug it into USB-C, or put it on an induction base, to recover 50% of the battery in 30 minutes. A full charge takes 1h30.

Find the Galaxy Buds Live from €146 on Amazon

To find out even more, do not hesitate to read our test of the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live.

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