Best 2022 training headphones: the best headphones that can manage any type of exercise

Best 2022 training headphones: the best headphones that can manage any type of exercise

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(Pocket -Lint) - When you are looking for the best headphones for the gym, the race or other training, the priorities are slightly different from those when you try to search for headphones for a relaxed listening.

We have many purchasing advice in the section below of our best current choices, but, in general, the headphones for the exercise must be comfortable, well-adjusted and offer a kind of resistance to perspiration andin the rain.

Apart from that, it all depends on the way they sound.Since you are likely to move a lot in these headphones, it does not hurt to have a lot of bass, but each of the choices we recommend below has a unique sound profile that will suit different types of users.

So, without further delay, let's discover the best headphones for the race, the gym and the exercise in general.

We have largely used all the models on this list, including during our midday races, cycles, hit or smoking courses and general strength training, in order to determine which are the most comfortable, durable and reliable.

What are the best headphones for training?Currently, our main recommendation is the Beats PowerBeats Pro. Les Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport , Master & Dynamic MW08 Sport , Beats PowerBeats et Jabra Elite 85t méritent également d'être considérés.

Our first choice: the best training headphones


Beats PowerBeats Pro




Beats reinvented the earpiece and got rid of the wire, which gives an incredible pair of training headphones.They make sure that they adapt as comfortably as possible while they are light too, so when they are in your ears, not only do they adapt very well, but you can barely say that they are there.

The battery life is, frankly, crazy for a pair of wireless, with the PowerBeats Pro capable of last up to 9 hours of constant music listening outside the case.Everything considered, at present, they certainly seem to be the best training headphones you can get.

Training helmet that we also recommend

Here is a selection of other excellent headphones for training.


Bang and Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport




If you want sports earphones that don't look like sports earphones, that's where it happens.Beoplay E8 Sport is - in all directions - a pair of high -end wireless headphones, but with a design and features that suit runners and gym enthusiasts.

Meilleurs écouteurs d'entraînement 2022 : Les meilleurs écouteurs qui peuvent gérer tout type d'exercice

You benefit from resistance to water and perspiration, but also from a safe adjustment thanks to the rubber exterior of the earrings.With B and O, you know that you get high -quality sound in a set made from high -end materials.

In every way, it is just as focused on sound and the feeling of superior quality as any other product B and O, but it is also happening that it is also ideal for training.You even benefit from the convenience of wireless loading in the case.


Beats PowerBeats




Imagine if you take the comfort, sound and convenience of PowerBeats Pro and put it in a pair of cheaper headphones, but connected by a thin cable.This is essentially what the latest generation of non -pro powerbeats is the latest generation.

The sound is delivered by the same personalized pilots developed by Apple to offer excellent control over a wide range of frequencies, which means that the bass is excellent and do not become muddy or muddy, while the treble/acute are always clear.They also have the Apple H1 chip, which means that you benefit from easy coupling with iPhones, as well as automatic coupling/connection with any other Apple device with the same iCloud account.

In addition to the lower price, the other reason you might prefer them to the PowerBeats Pro: the battery.They can spend 15 hours of music reading before you need to be connected to a Lightning cable to be recharged, and when they recharge, they recharge quickly

Master & Dynamic

Master and dynamic MW08 SPORT




Master and Dynamic took the sound and the pilots of its superb pair of truly wireless headphones, then placed them in a pair of smaller and lighter headphones with IPX5 water resistance.The tip offers good waterproofing in the ear, and the adjustment and finish keep the pair in place during the exercise.

If you are in long exercise sessions, the MW08 Sport is for you.They can last up to 12 hours in a single session before having to be replaced in their charge box.Add to that a dynamic, rich and detailed sound profile, and you have one of the best training headphones and - in our opinion - the most attractive on the market.


Jabra Elite Active 75T




We loved the standard Jabra Elite 75T, and always do it - the active version is almost exactly the same set of headphones, just with the waterproofing composed to ensure that they are perfect for sports uses.

One thing we have loved about this pair is the possibility of adapting sound to the individual.They give a lot of control over the tone via the Jabra application for iPhone/Android.

The headphones are also very comfortable and secure, a must for training, and although 5.5 hours of music reading are not the best battery performance on this list, they are certainly sufficient for most sessions'Training or activities.The possibility of activating "Hearthrough" means that you can hear traffic around you when you run at night.

Other products we have considered

The Pocket-Lint editorial team spends hours testing and looking for hundreds of products before recommending our best choices.We take into account a series of factors when it comes to gathering our best guides, in particular physical tests of the products ourselves, consumer opinions, the quality of the brand and the value.Many devices that we consider do not make our best final guides.

Here are the products that we have considered and which have not finally been part of our Top 5:

How to choose your training helmet

Choosing the right helmet to train can be a challenge - here are some tips to help you choose the right option.

What style of headphones is best for you?

We have all seen people in gymnasiums carrying huge supra-ear headphones while they were training, and more power for them.There is an argument according to which the supra-ear boxes isolate you more in noisy environments, but, for our money, the problem of perspiration becomes a real problem when you work with ear pads.

So, you will have since our list is based on intra-ear choices, but it must be said that if you have a particular idea of the type of headphones you want to use, you should use them.What is most comfortable will work best for you.However, we firmly believe that for the safety of adjustment and waterproofing, the headphones are the way to follow for most people.

What does your typical training look like?

Another large variable in which the headphones to choose depends on what you are going to do.Are you a lonely runner who is in the countryside?You may not need an active deletion of noise to block any noise, while a mode of transparency could be useful for safety on more calm roads.

Likewise, if you are looking to drown the odious reading list of a gym, the ANC could rather become a huge sale of sale.It is a question of ensuring that your choice of headphones will not interfere with the exercise you have chosen.

What price is right for you?

Although you can use the questions above to guide you, it is always important to have an idea of your limit in terms of expenses.

Knowing a budget will reduce your choices immediately, most likely, and will help you choose an option that not only works perfectly, but which will not ruin you either.

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Each product on this list has been tested in real situations, as you would use in your everyday life.

Training headphones are very similar to normal headphones, with the obvious difference that they are specially designed to withstand the rigors of intensive training, again and again.This means that we use them in our exercise routines in parallel with regular tests of their audio quality and their ease of use.

This helps us to determine those who are really comfortable, those who slide out of our ears during vigorous movements and those who cannot really bear immersion in water or drops of sweat, whatever the assertions of their manufacturers.

We are not interested in unnecessary calculations or superfluous details - we just want to provide an easy -to -understand examination that gives you an idea of what it will be to use.And do not think a second that the products are not fully tested because the criticisms are concise.

We have been covering technology since 2003 and, in many cases, we have not only examined the product in question, but also previous generations - until the first model on the market.There are also many models that we have considered that have not been retained in each of our purchasing guides.

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