Test of the Astro A40 TR headset with Mixamp Pro Tr: Ultimate helmet?

Test of the Astro A40 TR headset with Mixamp Pro Tr: Ultimate helmet?

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The A40 TR wired helmet from Astro accompanied by its Mixamp Pro TR controller represents the brand's high -end.After a few days of use, it is time to give you our full opinion on this duo.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

It is ultimately not one, but two products we test today.Indeed, we offer you the full test of the Astro A40 TR Gamer helmet and its Mixamp Pro TR controller, both sold in a rather high rate of 280 euros.

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The A40 TR headset is a wired helmet with open earrings that promise excellent sound restitution.Here it is accompanied by the Mixamp Pro Table to manage the volume as well as the different connectors and functions of the helmet.Note that the model tested today is compatible with PC and Xbox, but that there is also a PlayStation version.

Comfortable and modular helmet

The Astro A40 TR headset is mainly constructed in plastic.Despite this, it seems perfectly robust and should be able to accompany players in the long term.The hoop consists of a upper plastic room, which accommodates a foam covered with fabric and which will therefore rest on the top of the skull.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

Two tubes are installed on both sides of the hoop and slide at the ends of the latter in order to adapt the size of the helmet to the morphology of each user.The system is rather well done, even if in its largest position, the A40 TR will only suit very fairly with the largest cranial boxes.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

The two earrings therefore take place at the end of these tubes which allow a 90 ° pivot, allowing the helmet to be placed around the neck when it is not used.Again, the plastic is.Open design earworks are covered with a small magnetic plate allowing the personalization of the helmet using kits sold by the brand.

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Under these plates, there is a Jack connector, dedicated to the removable microphone, and this, on both sides.The user therefore has the choice for once regarding the location of the microphone.The latter also benefits from a huge memory pole allowing it to be placed correctly at the level of the mouth.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

Test du casque Astro A40 TR avec MixAmp Pro TR : le casque ultime ?

The two atria are equipped with a foam covered with a fabric promoting breathing and which avoids the feeling of heat inherent in the circum-aurural helmets.Note that the brand does not provide an additional foam game that could have been welcome here.

On the other hand, there is no possible choice for the wired connectors in the helmet which takes place at the base of the left headset.The plastic cable with a very largely sufficient length to connect the helmet to the Mixamp is equipped with a small switch to cut the microphone easily.

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Once screwed on the head, the Astro A40 TR helmet is very comfortable, even if it is unfortunately a little too small for the larger heads.However, glasses are suitable since he was not a problem during these few weeks of testing.The plastic design of the whole does not interfere with the experience and we therefore benefit from a solid helmet which should last over time.

A very complete pro TR mixamp

To support the A40 TR, ASTRO offers a controller acting as an external sound card.The latter, entirely in plastic, is quite imposing and has very well provided connectors.It allows you to very simply control the helmet and its features, regardless of the system to which it is connected.

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On the upper side, there are two large potentiometers, the most imposing will logically be used to manage the volume of the helmet.The second, located on the right, allows you to control the mixed function which is used to manage the balance between the sound of the games and that of the audio conversations.To do this, once the helmet was plugged, two audio outputs are displayed on Windows.

The Mixamp being compatible with Dolby Atmos, it benefits from a dedicated button to switch between this mode and the classic stereo.Finally, a last button, located further forward, allows you to switch between the various equalizers who have been defined in the Astro Command Center application.In the department of good ideas, note the presence of a white LED on each of the potentiometers that passes in red when the microphone is cut.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

The pilot therefore allows the creation of different profiles using a rather complete equalizer, four of which can be saved on the Mixamp Pro Tr.We also take advantage of a few adjustments for the integrated microphone as well as for "stream" connectors that allows you to broadcast all sounds, including microphone, to your favorite streaming software using Jack connectors.

On the side of the connection, Astro was rather generous.The mixed can be connected in USB, but also via optical connectors.In addition to the jack output "stream", the controller has an auxiliary input in 3.5 mm jack which can be used to connect any source.Finally, two specific connectors are present in order to be able to chain several helmets, as part of a tournament for example.

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The helmet itself connects to a 3.5 mm jack connector located at the front.This also allows you to use the Mixamp Pro TR with any helmet on the market.Astro also offers the controller for unitary sales which will allow players to take advantage of his features with their favorite helmet.

For console players, the connection is made using the two Mixamp connectors.Optical entry will be dedicated to sound from the games and the USB part will serve for the communication and micro part.On both models, a switch is present at the back of the case to choose between PC mode and PS4/Xbox mode.Note that all the necessary connection is provided in the box.

A mastered sound part

Now that we have made the presentations and discussed all the features of the helmet and its controller, it is time to dwell on its sound performance.The A40 TR headset is equipped with 40 mm dynamic transducers with an open design, rather rare in this segment.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

Therefore, transducers can fully express themselves and we take advantage of a very wide sound scene in stereo mode.This particularity is rare enough to be praised and will allow music lovers to fully appreciate their favorite songs.Especially since the helmet offers more than convincing performance!

Indeed, the Astro A40, in stereo configuration (and with a flat equalizer) offers excellent sound restitution which is very balanced and very well defined.The bass is present without stifling the rest of the sound spectrum and it is a real pleasure to listen to music with the helmet.Note, however, that with their open design, everyone will hear what you listen to if people are in the same room.

Source: Édouard Patout for Fandroid

At stake, the experience is also convincing with a precise restitution which allows you to immerse yourself in the sound atmospheres.The good stereophony and the width of the sound scene again offer a good immersion and allow a precise location of the provenance of the sounds, which will be appreciated by fans of shooting in particular.

We will not expand on virtual spatialization Dolby Atmos which, as often, does not bring much to experience.If the latter effectively extends the sound scene, the rendering unfortunately loses realism and we tend to prefer purely stereo use of headphones.

Finally, the integrated microphone delivers excellent performance with an effective noise reduction which will prevent our play comrades from suffering the surrounding sounds.As always, we offer you a little sound extract to give you an idea of the real rendering of the microphone and thus make your own opinion.

Price and availability of the Astro A40 TR + Mixamp Pro Tr

The Astro A40 TR + Mixamp Pro TR pack is available in Xbox + PC version and in PlayStation + PC version at the recommended price of 279 euros.

Où acheter leAstro A40 TRau meilleur prix ?

The helmet is also offered alone for a price of around 170 euros and if only the Mixamp Pro interests you, it is available for around 140 euros, in Xbox + PC version and in PlayStation + PC version.