Apple increases the price of Beats Flex by 40% 🆕 |  WatchGeneration

Apple increases the price of Beats Flex by 40% 🆕 | WatchGeneration

Audio Apple augmente le prix des Beats Flex de 40% 🆕 | WatchGeneration

Mickael Bazoge |

Unexpected and substantial increase for the Beats Flex, which recently went from €49.95 to €69.95! A €20 increase, or even 40%, nothing less, for these "neckband" headphones, that's significant and takes away from the product one of its big selling points.

With their W1 chip, the Flex fit perfectly into Apple's ecosystem, and the Flex-Form cable makes it easy to carry them with you without losing them. Their audio quality is nothing extraordinary, but considering the price it was hard to ask for better. With this increase, it becomes frankly difficult to recommend them. Apple augmente le prix des Beats Flex de 40% 🆕 | WatchGeneration

Beats Flex review Apple augmente le prix des Beats Flex de 40% 🆕 | WatchGeneration

Update - The price of Beats Flex has actually increased in all Apple Stores around the world, in the same proportions as in France (in Germany as in the United States). However, it is still possible to buy them for €49.95 on Amazon. Apple augmente le prix des Beats Flex de 40% 🆕 | WatchGeneration

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That's good I wanted to sell mine 😋 at the purchase price

thenad |

Ouch ... Go your way, on the Q / P ratio.

klemane |

Why am I starting to fear for future M1Xs?


And on Amazon they are on sale at 45€ 🤔

Darkgam3rz |

Serious 😦

Apple augmente le prix des Beats Flex de 40% 🆕 | WatchGeneration

But it's nonsense 😑

If only there had been a new improved model, but not even 🤯

party |


"But it's nonsense 😑"

Shortage of components no doubt.

We have deadlines at the end of 2022 for certain common components such as small regulators or op amps.

rolmeier |

get them on Amazon soon...


Is the sound better than normal AirPods? Question to those who have both?

Boboss29 |


It reminds me of the beatsX that I've had for 4 or 5 years and I find the sound better on the airpods. The advantage of this system is to be able to remove your headphones and let them hang around your neck. Handy in some cases. And no risk of losing them 😊

lolonoeli |


Yes, very clearly. (BeatsX and Flex)



I didn't understand: beats or AirPods?

lolonoeli |


Beats (this is only a personal opinion but there is no photo for me)



Alright thank you 👍

koko256 |

Wow I took one Saturday at the old price... stroke of luck.

benji99 |

Should we fear an increase in the prices of other high-tech products because of the rise in production costs in Asia and especially transport? . the price of transporting a container from Asia to Europe via the Suez Canal rose from 1,000 to 10,000 dollars before / after the pandemic and all the major container companies Maersk MSC CMA-CGM purposely do not sail all their ships to maintain the high prices. They understood that they could make a nice margin!

Almad web |

The SONY WI-C310 are at 32€ and are better in the tests than those so even at 45€ it's not a bargain 😅

good pear |

@ Almadweb Seen the reviews on the sony site, these headphones seem to be crap.

Almad web |


I have these headphones and no they're really not bad once they've run in 😉

party |


"once past the break-in"


Cinefil |

I wanted to take them for the gym but I was hesitating… any opinions? 😊

totoguile |


I find that the thread that wanders during an exercise is not pleasant. True wireless intra are better for sports. Well it's my opinion :)

Cinefil |


The thread doesn't bother me personally, but I understand the inconvenience. My fear was more at the resistance level with the sweat 😅

party |


At the price before, why not. At the new price, okay. Just an opinion.

Cinefil |


Yes out of the question at this new price, that's for sure. I might go through Amazon 😅

Gadgetboy99 |

And so the AirPods Max will go from 629€ to … 880€???

remi |

At that price, they still fit better into the Apple ecosystem, I think. Before, their price seemed completely offbeat... 🤭

Arnaud33 |


I laughed… 😂😂

party |


It is indeed an argument.

Eric L |

other significant increases are to be expected in the coming months, whatever the brands and products. The shortage of affected materials affects all sectors: aluminum at a price of +75% and this is just one example among others.

good pear |

@Eric My lasagna is going to cost me more then...

anonx |

I read "asshole" the shock 😳

px |

Is it so as not to compete too much with future AirPods?!

Cecile_Aelita |

It's a pity that there aren't semi-intra "neck" earphones. Personally, I can't stand intra (even when changing the plugs ^^). There are only earphones with the form earpods (thus those since the iPhone 5 or the AirPods NON PRO) that I love to wear. But a neck version with super autonomy and for 50€ with all the Apple integration and everything.... wouldn't have said no lol 😋

supermarket |

Just consume a little less and prices will drop.

Cecile_Aelita |


when we see that a lot of people change their iPhone every year (when we're talking about smartphones with more than 1200 bucks) it's not for now unfortunately lol🤣. When I go to a good restaurant with a menu that is super expensive... I like to say that I leave nothing on the plate 😋. Well, it's the same... When I buy an iPhone at 1200 bucks... I might as well say that I make it last lol🥰😋🙃

Niteor |


I believe that bcp (beyond the attraction of the novelty) also sees in the change a possibility of not losing too much money on an already important starting bet. I suppose that a purchase at 1200€ supposes a resale around 900€, so less money has to be put back into play in the event of a change. If you wait too long, you risk putting off more. As for knowing if it's a good calculation, then there, I don't know 🤔

abalem |


Exactly the opposite is happening...

pagopa |

Normal! It's the scarcity of the components that drive the price up! 😂😂

Leadlike |

These headphones are just perfect. Requires no case and pairs between iPhone and Android. It's my daily!

kaya |

I don't see the difference between Beat X and Beat Flex. As for the Xs, I have 2 that dropped out just after the warranty. Both have battery issues. So I gave for this type of equipment and for Beat.

k2r |

For the moment, they are still at €49.99 at Fnac…

CRünCH |

I was planning to buy one for my son's birthday (I own one and am very satisfied with it) so I bought it at 45€ on sale on Amazon a month in advance...

CRünCH |

I see that it has gone back to €49.90 since there is one yuzu left at €45 😉