What is the 3D printer used for? - The Orient-The Day

What is the 3D printer used for? - The Orient-The Day

Whether you are a member of a family, a techie, an architect or a healthcare professional, the 3D printer is within everyone's reach. This device offers many advantages such as expressing your creativity, learning modeling and developing your professional activity.

What can you do with a 3D printer? 3D printing, also called additive manufacturing, makes it possible to create objects of different types, from simple parts to more technical tools. It can therefore be used in different cases: phone case, vase, key ring, pencil holder... With a 3D printer, the user can create accessories and everyday objects. The advantage? Make your own designs and have unique models. Ideal for Do it Yourself enthusiasts! Have you lost the lid of the sugar pot? Print a new one.

On the professional side, the 3D printer is very useful for designing high-tech products and tools, such as aircraft parts, prostheses or even buildings.

What is the 3D printer used for? - L'Orient-Le Jour

How does it work? Concretely, the 3D printer superimposes different layers of material to bring the object to life. This process is done from a digital model.

First step: find a 3D model. You have two options, you can either download one from a specialized site or create one on 3D CAD design software. The idea is to make a digital file of the object to be printed. This file is then cut into several layers by a slicing software called slicer or slicer. This provides the information needed to perform the 3D printing.

Second step: choose the plastic material according to the object you want to create. This is your printer cartridge. Want to make jewelry? Opt for a model that uses PETG, a material specially designed for the manufacture of resistant objects. Do you want decorations? So choose a printer that supports PLA.

Step three: print and admire the work! There are three main types of 3D printers: FDM, SLA and SLS. The last two are more for professional use. It is therefore the FDM printer that you will use at home. Wire deposition printing (FDM) is the most widespread and accessible technique. It is made from a heated filament to reach a liquid or semi-liquid state. This filament is then deposited layer by layer on a plate, depending on the shape of the object.

Among the FDM printers, there is the choice between a Cartesian printer or a delta printer. The difference is in how printing works. The Cartesian printer has two moving parts, the bed and the nozzle. The tray moves up and down, the nozzle moves from left to right. With the delta printer, the bed is fixed and only the nozzle moves. In summary, if you want a precise result, it is advisable to go to the Cartesian. For a quick result, choose the delta printer.

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