Tutorial: assembly of a TINA 2 weekend |3D printers .fr

Tutorial: assembly of a TINA 2 weekend |3D printers .fr

Julien January 17, 2022Tutorials2 comments

January 2022, Carrefour stores sell a small 3D printer advertised as easy to use. Behind a very low price, what is the Weedo Tina 2 worth for printing figurines and small plastic objects? This Weedo Tina 2 tutorial explains how to properly use the machine, from unboxing to the first impression.

For a price displayed at 99€ in store, when the Carrefour site is at 149€, the Weedo Tina 2 3D printer is therefore very affordable for a consumer machine. In comparison, a first generation Creality Ender-3 is around 150€ and an Artillery Hornet for 160€ but these two models require assembly and are therefore more complex to start than the Tina which is already pre-assembled .

Going back to the Weedo Tina2, this inexpensive 3D printer can only print small objects: 10 x 10 x 10 cm maximum. It is therefore possible to print game figurines (Mario, Fortnite…), small spare parts (replace a button, make a wedge…) or decorations for parties (Christmas, birthday…). With 10 cm at its widest, it is therefore impossible to print a phone case or a CD rack, but it will be enough to make a box for Nintendo Switch cartridges, rings, personalized poker chips or even Lego-sized characters.

The Wedoo Tina accepts PLA filament. It is the most common of the 3D printing materials and also the cheapest. Carrefour sells 250 gram spools for €10 each. It seems inexpensive but it therefore amounts to 40€ per kg, which is a fairly high price when you compare it to the reels on the market that can be found for around 20€ per kg. Note that the Tina 2 support only accepts 250 g spools, so you will have to find consumables of this format or print a support for a large spool.

Unboxing and getting started Weedo Tina 2

Tutorial: building a Weedo Tina 2 | 3D Printers .fr

This video guide can help new buyers of a Weedo Tina2 to start the 3D printer and start their first print. After some unpacking (unbox), starting the machine is easy and the French interface of the screen on the front greatly facilitates the start-up to level the print bed and start the first test print.

The SD card supplied with the Tina 2 contains 34 files ready to be printed. From the cat ring to the Eiffel Tower, via a small boat (the classic “benchy boat”) and a smartphone holder. Other files can be downloaded on Thingiverse for example but they will then have to be modified before requesting printing with the Tina2. This is an operation to be carried out with the Weedo 3D Wiibuilder slicer software,

Download the Weedo Wiibuilder software for the Tina 2

If you want to have the most recent version of the Weedo software, you have lost the SD card or it is defective, here is a link to download the latest version of Wiibuilder for Windows, the slicer program for the Tina 2. The current version is

A more generalist alternative, the Cura software is free and also compatible with most 3D printers on the market. It is also easier to receive help for this application which can be downloaded here.

A problem or a question about the Weedo Tina?

If despite these video explanations, you are unable to use your Tina 3D printer or if you have a printing problem, use our different media to get help!

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    WiiBuilder is supplied in version with the machine, therefore in a more recent version than the one you mention. even more recent version ( is available here: http://www.weedo3dprinter.com/doku.php/soft/wiibuilder


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