Transat Jacques Vabre.Three victories?The architect Guillaume Verdier towards a blow of the hat!

Transat Jacques Vabre.Three victories?The architect Guillaume Verdier towards a blow of the hat!

Guillaume Verdier is not the type to hang out in press rooms or run TV sets, but still regrets that he could not be in Martinique, water the victories of his "customers".He has a minister's schedule, works and lives between Morbihan and Auckland (New Zealand) where he has spent a good part of his time for a few years. Quand nous l’avons joint au téléphone ce mercredi, Guillaume Verdier était en route pour Concarneau, afin d’aller voir la coque du nouvel Imoca V & B de Maxime Sorel (sistership d’Apivia), fraîchement arrivée du chantier Multiplast il y a quelques jours.At 51, the most impressive naval architect of his generation, is about to earn everything or almost.

A list already impressive in all discretion

Let's move on to his two successive victories in the America Cup 2017 and 2021 within the Team New Zealand architectural team.The discreet Guillaume Verdier is not in the style to explore his agency by bombing the torso.He doesn't have an agency!Itinerant, the one who (after the famous Southampton University of Architecture then a doctorate in Denmark to perfect his skills in the calculation of materials, structures and in fluid dynamics) made his classes within the famous Finot-Conq,Before working and co-signs with VPLP in particular the best Imoca sailboats, knows how to surround themselves.He never draws the coverage, preferring to quote the people with whom he has been collaborating for years in all complicity: Romaric Neyhousser, Benjamin Muyl, Hervé Penfornis ... and so many others.Anyway Guillaume Verdie rarely says "I", to which he most often prefers "we" or "we".

The boats he signed were cited in the favorites

Before the departure of this deckchair Jacques Vabre, on the pontoons of Le Havre, Guillaume Verdier is well represented, "his" boats often mentioned among the favorites in each of the classes.The rest we know it.During the night from Monday to Tuesday, the 50 -foot trimaran primonial, beautifully led by Sébastien Rogues and Matthieu Souben, won not only in scratch, but also in the class of Ocean Fifty.

Transat Jacques Vabre. Trois victoires ? L’architecte Guillaume Verdier vers un coup du chapeau !

This boat is not early youth, since designed thirteen years ago for Yves Le Blevec.In the hands of Armel Tripon, he won the last Route du Rhum in 2018, before Seb Rogues bought him. Lors de cette 15e Transat Jacques Vabre, Rogues et Souben ont parcouru plus de 6 300 milles à la moyenne de 17,5 nœuds.Not bad for a fifteen -meter boat dating from 2009!

"We follow the day and night deckchair ..." explains Guillaume Verdier."I am super happy for Seb (Rogues) and Matthieu (Souben).This is a boat on which we were superintended.We made a big rehabilitation.I have often been told that the floats were no longer relevant.And with its recent foils, they are very suitable.In addition, they made a very nice race.In addition, I am a neighbor with Matthieu.He is from Larmor Baden, where I live, and I really am happy for him ... "

Maxi Edmond de Rothschild him four years.Developed by Sébastien Josse, the ultim has been led for two seasons by the duo Franck Cammas-Charles Caudrelier.We will say that with Verdier, the equation looks like what we do better.In the docks of Le Havre, we do not see too much who could disturb the march before the trimaran armed by the Gitana stable.SVR Lazartigue and Popular XIDISPUST there their first race in the race, ETACTUAL Ultim 3est (already) an old generation boat.

After 9,262 miles traveled (the orthodromic road being 7,500) to the average astounding of 24 knots, the white and blue foil logically wins this deckchair in its category ... and in front of three VPLP plans."I do not know if there is logic in the victory of Franck (Cammas) and Charles (Caudrelier), because there are so many incidents or accidents that can happen ..." tempers William."It's never easy.Just see Sodebo.Everything can switch quickly.But, there was a fight to the end ... "

If the Class 40 - including its well placed pogo 40 but not playing victory - are not expected before the last day of November, prey to a Alizé failure due to tropical depression having "killed in the'egg ”, the Imoca, they should touch very much from France shortly.And who is largely ahead?Another Verdier plan.Linkedout, in front of his sister-ship Apivia (Charlie Dalin and Paul Meilhat), dominator of the whole season and first on the line during the last Vendée Globe.Led by the formidable tandem Thomas Ruyant Morgan Lagravière, Linkedout has been impressing since the start of the race.

In Imoca, the super race by Thomas Ruyant and Morgan Lagravière

We knew the very fast verdier plans, and we confirm it, even if Jeremiah Beyou and Christopher Pratt do better than resist on their Charal VPLP level.And for those who have forgotten, we can recall that Thomas Ruyant and Charlie Dalin, have played more than half of the last Vendée Globe with a cut out for one, and crippled for the other."I'm a little disappointed for 11th Hour Racing Team Malama, our last Imoca.Charlie (Enright) and Pascal (Bidégory) were doing a great race, before knowing problems on the keel.It is monotype, and the collage of the carbon on the leak edge has clearly crossed.It's annoying.Since then, they have lost places, while they were walking hard.As for Thomas (Ruyant) and Morgan (Lagravière), I find that strategically, they make a sacred race.Before, it battles well.It’s a treat to follow.»»

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Transat Jacques Vabre. Trois victoires ? L’architecte Guillaume Verdier vers un coup du chapeau !