Small tips for removing rust naturally

Small tips for removing rust naturally

Rust - Produced from the contact of metals with air and humidity, it is a bit like the plague.Once this tackles your equipment/utensils/metal tools, it is difficult to get rid of it and it seriously reaches the state of these.But if you are told that it is quite possible to fight oxidation thanks to a few grandmother remedies that you can find in your closet?This article to help you fill up on ideas how to remove rust on iron but still on any other metal.

Complete guide to get rid of rust

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Comment enlever la rouille sur du métal ? Les méthodes

You can obviously find more than one or two anti -rust products on the market on the market.And yet, beyond what you can find starts, there are lots of homemade methods, uncomfortable, ecological and effective to remove rust, regardless of the nature of the metal.We could distribute the approaches in question in three main groups: mechanical, chemical, and natural.Find a list of our clever methods to get rid of rust forever.

Remove rust to give a second life to recycled objects

Remove the rust by hand with a metal brush

Among the mechanical approaches to remove rust, the most economical is to treat the oxidized surface of a metal brush.To do this, take protective glasses and gloves to avoid small accidents related to rust work.Then brush the rusty object.It should be noted here that this mechanism is more effective in removing rust spots, rather than a large surface.Otherwise, the task may become a little too laborious!Finish with a sandpaper or small brush, question of eliminating rust residues.Finally, to treat a more considerable surface, be aware that there is the electric sander solution.

A metal brush or how to take things in hand

Use citric acid-an efficient anti-rust product

Petites astuces pour enlever la rouille naturellement

This is another method, the use of which requires the use of clothing, gloves and protective glasses.Pay attention to the fact that the acid in question may stain enamel, marble and aluminum.In order to prepare the anti-rust mixture, just dilute two tablespoons of citric acid in half a liter of water.Apply the rust on it, and then rub with a hard brush.Rinse with water and let it dry.

Citric acid for an immediate and guaranteed effect

The natural anti rust solution

The mechanical approach and chemical solutions are far from being the only possible.There are lots of daily life products that you do not even suspect the enormous anti-rust potential.These are some natural remedies to help you remove the rust on any metal.We start with a great video, followed by a complete guide.

Anti rust - several natural solutions to sting

Baking soda

Product of a fairly abrasive consistency, baking soda is a miraculous remedy for treating, as to clean and remove rust.What you should do is do a thick paste of baking soda mixed with water.Leave on for half an hour at 3 o'clock and rub with a brush.Rinse and let it dry.Soda bicarbonate is a very effective natural weedkiller.

Baking soda + vinaigre blanc

It would be even better, if you constitute the same paste by mixing white vinegar and baking soda (equal parts).The protection gloves put on, recover the dough later using a brush and apply to the rust spot.Leave on for ten minutes and then rinse with damp sponge.Here is.

White vinegar + coarse salt

The mixture of white and coarse salt vinegar takes over from miraculous solutions.Mix equal parts of the two products and extend to the area concerned.Wait until a reaction occurs and remove the altered rust from a damp sponge.Again, don't forget to protect yourself and choose a well -ventilated place for this delicate operation.

Lemon + salt

The same reaction between acid and salt will occur when you use a lime juice with 1 teaspoon of salt diluted inside.Then soak a piece of towel in the liquid and rub the surface.Another cleaning method that is super easy to apply.


It's hard to believe it but yes, it is indeed possible to strip a rust spot in a 100 % natural way, using onion or potatoes.For onion treatment, cut it in half, cover with a layer of sugar on it and rub the rust.Even more effective, a potato divided into two would have such an effect thanks to oxalic acid-effective anti-rust substance that the plant contains.The process is the same - it is only necessary to cut the potato in half and rub the surface.

Meudon white + alcohol

Another malignant way to fight against the oxidation of metals is to use the use of Meudon white.It’s a kind of chalk that also has very beautiful abrasive properties.For a maximum effect, mix with a spoonful of alcohol to burn, again until a thick paste is created.Coat the rust, wait dry and clean with a microfiber.

Coca Cola

Since it is a favorite drink of many, it is afraid to think and yet yes-Coca Cola acts as a strong enough stripper.Just leave the rusty tools inside a container for one night and rinse the rust the next day.