The Otterbox hull for iPad Air 3 at €39 instead of €69.95

The Otterbox hull for iPad Air 3 at €39 instead of €69.95


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Sold €69 by Apple, the OtterBox Symmetry hull for iPad Air 3 is much cheaper at Boulanger or Auchan, which market it at a more reasonable price of €39.99.

This hull, which we tested in its version for iPad mini, is transparent, lightweight and protects the tablet well from shocks. It has a loop to hang the Apple Pencil.

The product has the peculiarity of having a removable part on a slice, in order to use it as a Duet with a Smart cover.


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La coque Otterbox pour iPad Air 3 à 39 € au lieu de 69,95 € | iGeneration

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