The best music streaming services in 2022: What to choose between Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or Deezer?

The best music streaming services in 2022: What to choose between Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal or Deezer?

It was once easier to find the best musical streaming service.You only had a limited choice and most music lovers finally opted forSpotify.There is no mystery: this is the major reason why the Swedish platform currently has more than 365 million users.

In 2022, you are no longer forced to create your playlists onSpotify if you do not wish.Of course, the proposals remain limited, but there are some leading musical streaming services which offer all the features and the catalog you need.With a huge titles library, a pleasant user experience on all your devices, user -friendly personalization tools and a multitude of personalized recommendations.

This is why we have created this practical guide, exposing you an overview of the different musical streaming services to which you can subscribe now, of what we love and do not like it within these, and ourparticular feeling after having tested each of them.This should help you better decide between them and find the one that looks like you most.

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How to choose the best musical streaming service?

If you do not have any particular requirements to listen to music on the device of your choice and you simply want to chain your favorite titles, create playlists or receive recommendations easily, then the selection presents below should yousuit.

They mainly offer the same type of service with a huge choice of musical titles and nice discovery features.But if you are looking for something specific in terms of experience, audio performance or interface, this is where you will have to pay attention to the limitations specific to each platform.

For example, although all musical streaming services, making up our selection, have a similar interface...they are not identical.If the service you have in mind offers a free trial, it is really worth subscribing to determine if you appreciate its operation and its appearance.Most users get used to a new application after a week or two, but we found thatSpotify andTidal represented the simplest and most intuitive services.

In addition, you will have to check that your favorite artists are well on the service catalog to which you plan to subscribe.Nowadays, most of them are present on all platforms, but there are always some that sign an exclusive agreement or decide to keep themselves away from it.

Another determining point is audio quality.During the past year, most of the best musical streaming services on this list improved the quality of the titles they offer.Apple Music andAmazon Music HD both introduced high resolution audio on their platforms.EvenSpotify has announced a high quality offer calledSpotify Hifi, but it is not yet available.

Finally, there are still differences in terms of value for money.You will also have to make sure you have the best headset or the best headphones to get the most out of the sound provided here.

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Here are the best 2022 musical streaming services


Le meilleur service de streaming pour ceux qui aiment étendre leur culture musicale

Pourquoi l’acheter
+Des recommandations extraordinaires+Énorme bibliothèque musicale et de podcasts+Interface facile à utiliser
Pourquoi attendre
-Pas d'audio haute résolution-Le lecteur web semble rudimentaire-Pas le meilleur choix pour rémunérer les artistes

Our favorite musical streaming service remainsSpotify.Launched in 2008, it has a library of more than 70 million titles and 2.2 million podcasts.It is therefore not surprising that it has 365 million users worldwide today.

Les meilleurs services de streaming musical en 2022 : que choisir entreSpotify,Apple Music,Tidal ouDeezer ?

However,Spotify is more than a simple catalog of titles and podcasts.It has an intuitive interface, a fantastic recommendation engine that feeds personalized playlists, new features added permanently, social tools that facilitate sharing...Without forgetting that you can listen to it almost everywhere and on almost all devices.

The platform is also distinguished by its constant innovation, regularly delivering new options, redesign, and even new offers such asSpotify Lite andSpotify Hifi.These improvements allow you to offer the best possible user experience.For example, in November 2021,Spotify added a simple way to block other users - an excellent idea to end harassment online or allow people to cut links with old friends or ex who would spy on their playlists or theiractivities.

The major drawback is that, at a time when we write these lines,Spotify does not concede the high quality audio experience offered by some of its competitors, such asTidal andAmazon Music HD.ButSpotify promises that its lossless CD quality offer,Spotify Hifi, will be available soon.

Thanks to the incredible catalog ofSpotify, the incessant development of the catalog of podcasts, major exclusives, constant improvements, you will find it difficult to overcome this service.


Une qualité sonore exceptionnelle pour les audiophiles

Pourquoi l’acheter
+Son exceptionnel+Un large catalogue de clips vidéo+Excellente interface
Pourquoi attendre
-Le mode HiFi est cher-Les playlists ne sont pas aussi soignées que celles deSpotify-Pas de podcasts

Tidal was launched in 2014, but most of us heard about it for the first time a year later, when the service was relaunched by Jay-Z.From an aesthetic point of view, it appears very similar toSpotify.Today there are two key elements that distinguish them.

The first is that it belongs above all to artists.This means that musicians benefit from better remuneration than most competing streaming platforms.

Second point: listeners also benefit from higher audio quality - especially if you are ready to pay a supplement for the highest premium subscription inTidal, Hifi.In other words, if you take music seriously, you could find here an ideal partner.

You may notice a slight difference betweenSpotify Premium andTidal Premium, but they deliver the same binary flow.On the other hand, it is theTidal Hifi formula at € 19.99 which is today the most interesting and which represents the ultimate audiophile.

For some, it will be a high price to pay, for others, it is obvious.Especially if you have already invested in audio equipment, as one of the best anti -grip headsets in circulation.Tidal is one of the few streaming services to offer high resolution and loss -free audio files that will do justice to your love of music and your first -rate audio configuration.

All this could change with the launch ofSpotify Hifi, which should take place a little later in the year.But by then,Tidal remains the best option for those who take sound seriously.

If you are interested, start with the 30 -day free trial.

3.Apple Music

Le design et l'intelligence d'Apple en font un rival féroce pourSpotify

Pourquoi l’acheter
+Vaste bibliothèque musicale+Possibilité d'intégrer vos fichiers audio personnels+Audio sans perte et spatialisation
Pourquoi attendre
-Spotify propose de meilleures recommandations-Les podcasts apparaissent dans une application séparée-L'application mobile est moins conviviale

Apple Music offers more than 75 million songs in a scalable library, also including video clips and exclusives.To be honest, there is not much that you will not find here.Apple Music aims to help you discover new titles and artists, whether through recommendations, personalized playlists or its digital radio stations accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

You can also add to the service all the music you currently have under iTunes, so that everything is grouped in the same place.If you do not need an Apple ecosystem to useApple Music, all the devices of the company - as well as the SIRI intelligent assistant - coupling in a transparent way with the streaming service of the Cupertino firm.

The applications are elegant and easy to use.There is not much football, even if some of the icons of the mobile application seem a little too large on the home screen - you will get a superior experience on a desktop computer or a tablet - but thisis not really a problem;We are just picky.

Until recently, we would have said that there were few things that distinguishedApple Music fromSpotify.But since June 2021,Apple Music's offer has included lossless audio and space audio with the management of Dolby Atmos.This gives users the possibility of listening to a wide variety of securities in audio lossless without additional costs.

Update: Apple deployed in December 2021 a new formula: theApple Music Voice Plan.Half cheaper than the standardApple Music offer, it is intended for those who use Siri to launch their titles or their playlists on the service.

4.Amazon Music HD

Une plateforme musicale de haute volée pour les abonnés Amazon Prime

Pourquoi l’acheter
+Énorme sélection de titres+Idéal pour les abonnés Amazon Prime+Audio haute résolution+Facile d'utilisation
Pourquoi attendre
-Recommandations décentes mais moins pertinentes que surSpotify-Pas de contenu vidéo-Aucune offre gratuite

Over the years, Amazon has launched several different streaming services.The best, which competes withSpotify andApple Music, isAmazon Music HD.

It is a high quality musical service that competes with platforms likeTidal, with a very advantageous price.It offers listeners a 24 -bit/192 kHz flac sound without loss, while many other services only offer 320 kbps.

Amazon music unlimited subscribers can go for free high quality audio streaming, previously reserved for those of theAmazon Music HD option.It is therefore a free upgrade similar to that ofApple Music - and more interesting than the full pots ofTidal andSpotify.

If you have subscribed to a Global Amazon Prime subscription, you benefit from a reduction on this streaming service (€ 7.99 per month instead of € 9.99 per month).And, as you expect, Alexa allows you to navigate vocally within yourAmazon Music HD audio library.In this specific case, it seems difficult to ignore this terribly robust proposal.


Un rapport qualité/prix plus intéressant queSpotify etTidal

Pourquoi l’acheter
+Une écoute appréciable de qualité CD+Bon rapport qualité-prix+Prise en charge du format audio 3D Sony 360 Reality Audio
Pourquoi attendre
-Interface éparse-Le partage social pourrait être amélioré

Deezer has a catalog of more than 73 million songs and subscription formulas at advantageous prices.All these plans are accompanied by a free three -month trial period, which allows you to familiarize yourself with the interface before committing.

This is less intuitive than that ofSpotify orApple Music, with a rather sterile design.That said, the office version (browser or application) is one of the easiest to handle today.

Like other streaming services,Deezer's musical selection combines a wide variety of personalized playlists.In addition, your listening habits will supply tops generated by algorithms and adapted to your tastes.The latter, although less relevant than theSpotify andTidal recommendations, remain generally attractive.While innovative "Flow" technology allows you to listen to an infinite flow of titles that will potentially become your future favorite songs.

Audio quality varies depending on the subscription level to which you subscribe: the free formula offers MP3 files at 128 kbps, while the premium level reaches 320 kbps, just like onSpotify.

The most serious option, however, isDeezer Hifi.At the price of € 14.99 per month, it allows you to broadcast songs in CD quality, with 16 -bit / 44.1 kHz FLAC files at 1,411 kbps, the equivalent of theTidal Hifi offer, more expensive.Note, however, that it is not possible to access real high resolution audio files underDeezer.

However,Deezer Hifi delivers the Sony 360 Reality Audio format, via a dedicated application.The pieces receive here an audio spatial treatment, giving the impression that each instrument arrives at your ears from a different angle, from a virtual sound sphere.

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