Samsung invents the refrigerator that also makes the shopping |igeneration

Samsung invents the refrigerator that also makes the shopping |igeneration

Hello, I go to the Colruyt de Soignies 2-3 times a week, thank you ;-) The meats are there in open refrigerators, and frozen items are in plastic reefs.

If their freezers are more effective than those in Carrefour, it is not because they are transparent or not, it's just that if you look at their documentation: http: // modulas.kauri.BE/Uploads/Documents/Doc_0112.pdf

"In addition, these devices consume much less energy than open models or vertical overlayers.These models are based on a simple principle: when the lid is open, cold air, heavier than hot air, remains in the trunk.""

Samsung invente le réfrigérateur qui fait aussi les courses | iGeneration

The material they are formed of in no way influences their yield, it is the arrangement of products inside, and the fact that they open from above.It's the form that plays and not their composition!

Admittedly, the thin window of the crossroads must also provide losses, but they are minimal compared to the rest.And if Carrefour used good transparent insulation, in Bahts identical to the colruyt, the ecological footprint level insulation would be the same.

In Vl'o than O Much which will be less two -way than it is!