Test of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: the largest rival of the iPad Pro on Android

Test of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+: the largest rival of the iPad Pro on Android

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On the momentum of the excellent version of 2019, Samsung draws the Galaxy Tab S7+, the largest of its two new touch tablets.A more elongated format for a screen that sees even larger and a recipe that has proven itself in the previous generation.Sufficient to compete with the iPad Pro and put the competition from Android remotely?

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

As always, Samsung offers a very high -end touch pad, the equivalent in the Android universe of Apple's iPad Pro.Large 120 Hz screen, Snapdragon 865+ processor, Integrated S Pen Styule ... The Tab S7+ is clearly what is best outside the apple universe.It remains to be seen whether its new size will suit all Android users who want to remain faithful to their colors.

Technical sheet of the Galaxy Tab S7+

Modèle Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
Version de l'OS Android 10 Q
Interface constructeur Samsung One UI
Taille d'écran12.4 pouces
Définition 2800 x 1752 pixels
Densité de pixels 266 ppp
Technologie Super AMOLED
SoC Snapdragon 865+
Mémoire vive (RAM)8 Go
Mémoire interne (flash) 256 Go
Appareil photo (dorsal) Capteur 1 : 13 MpxCapteur 2 : 5 Mpx
Appareil photo (frontal) 8 Mpx
Enregistrement vidéo 4K@30 IPS
Wi-Fi Wi-Fi 6 (ax)
Bluetooth 5.0
Batterie 10900 mAh
Dimensions 285 x 185 x 5,7 mm
Poids 575 grammes
Couleurs Noir, Argent, Bronze
Prix 849 €
Fiche produit
8 /10

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus

Fiche produitVoir le test Disponible à 849 €

This test was carried out from a product loaned by the brand.

An inspiration on the side of the iPad Pro which does not really hide

The Galaxy Tab S7+ is an elegant model that opts for an Apple "to the" look with an inspiration that clearly leans on the side of the iPad Pro: a fairly square look and rounded angles.A design that we already found on the Tab S6 and which turns out to be rather robust, with excellent aluminum finishes.But this time, Samsung opted for a fairly unexpected 16:10 format that differentiates the ipad pro tablet.With such a large 12.4 -inch elongated screen and despite the delicacy of the Tab S7+, it is not always easy to hold the product for small hands.Nor is it extremely easy to type on the virtual keyboard with this very wide format once in the horizontal.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

When you hold the tablet horizontally, photo sensor upwards - a positioning that leaves to prefigure the use intended for it -, the power/locking/unlocking buttons as well as those provided for setting the volume volumeaudio or the microSD card slot are on the upper edge.That of the bottom accommodates a magnetic connector and two notches to connect the protection or a possible keyboard which are unfortunately not provided.At the top and bottom, there are two speakers on each side as well as the USB-C port for recharging on one of the slices.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

On the back too, you can see a slight aesthetic difference.The double photo sensor is now taken in the same vertical black strip as the one on which the S Pen is supplied to recharge and aims.The whole is quite imposing (185 x 285 x 5.7 mm).But the low thickness and especially the rather surprising weight (575 g) will allow to slide the Galaxy Tab S7+ easily in a bag.

Nevertheless, we do not hide that the positioning on the back to recharge - and start by already finding the common direction in which the magnetic (mine towards the camera) - is still not the most practical location when wewants to put the tablet without losing the stylus.This certainly allows him to recharge or connect to the Galaxy Tab S7+, but there is also no chance of staying in place if you ever slide the tablet in a bag without having a dedicated pocket or a-clavor shell inwhich slide the stylus.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

Test de la Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+ : la plus grande rivale de l’iPad Pro sous Android

However, there is an advantage in its location: if you manage to properly place the tablet, the stylus can offer a slightly tilted positioning which allows you to type more easily on the screen.Note that he can help himself on the upper edge when you have the tablet in hand in the landscape position or if you work.But he will not recharge this.

The most beautiful screen on the market

If the Galaxy Tab S7 has an 11 -inch LTPS screen, the TAB S7+ that we have in hand has a Super AMOLED HDR10+ 12.4 -inch screen (2800 x 1752 pixels).We meet there with a direct competitor of the iPad Pro at the screen diagonal, but with a different option, the Apple tablet being less slender and more rectangular.

The two offer a 120 Hz refresh rate which is extremely pleasant if you have to scroll through internet pages, read or play.And the problem is that once you have tasted it, it is very difficult to return to a fairly classic 60 Hz screen.You are warned ...

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

The fingerprint reader is positioned under the screen.It is easily configured.On the other hand, we were not more impressed than that by the effectiveness of this optical sensor.When he recognizes my footprint, he turned out to be quick in unlocking.But he has too often struggled to identify me, and without necessarily incriminating wet or dirty fingers.We prefer facial recognition, although only in 2D, or even the trace scheme.

Let's go back to our sumptuous screen that does the honor to the photos as to the displayed videos.The advantage of its format 16:10 is to offer an extremely pleasant video viewing in any situation.The brightness increased to 420 nits is not unrelated either and you can enjoy it for a long time without eye fatigue.

The screen is one of the most beautiful on the market, well balanced in terms of infinite colors and contrasts by definition, since Oled.With a default setting on Vive, we end up with very realistic colors, but which tend to shoot slightly towards blue (6900k).The maximum brightness reaches 452 cd/m².This will allow you to enjoy the interior screen.In full sun, it could be less practical, but still quite pleasant.

The Middle Delta E on DCI-P3 amounts to 6.2 in "lively" mode, which is high and betrays a tendency not to faithfully transcribe colors to promote tones that appeal to the eye.But the settings of the Galaxy Tab S7+ allow the colorimetry to be adjusted manually.

Everything to be productive under Android

It is obviously Android 10 which serves as the basis for the interface of the TAB S7+ entrusted to One UI 2.5, the Samsung button very well.We are good in an Android universe with its blind, apps and reflexes.This confirms the Galaxy Tab S7+ in its title of best tablet under Android on the market.However, it is not as fluid as on smartphone or on the competitor, for lack of enough apps really thought of tablet use.There are a few slowness sometimes in the execution, sliding the finger on the screen to access the control center or the applications drawer, etc..Shame.

Dex, the right productivity option

The Dex function is always present.It allows you to transform your tablet into Android PC after connecting it to a bluetooth screen or via the USB-C charging port (and HDMI on the other side for a TV screen for example).Add a keyboard and a mouse, and you can then have a real (or almost) computer on hand.Because it is then your mobile applications stored on the tablet turning on the screen.Some are not always well suited or ergonomically made for this and we end up on the big screen with applications that we know better suited in web version.But it can always help out and be very useful for long lyrical flights in writing ...

To launch Dex, you must connect the tablet to a screen and above all activate the functionality in the control center.It is also possible, quite simply, to reply the screen of the TAB S7+ using a cable or by "chromecasting" using the Smart View application from the control center, sliding the fingerfrom top to center of the screen.

The S Pen and the top notes app

Unlike Microsoft or Apple, Samsung made the bet to provide the S Pen touch stylus.Drawing or writing lovers will be delighted.We will not come back to the galley not to lose it or the magnetic location on the back not necessarily clairvoyant.Shame qu’il ne se glisse pas dans le châssis comme celui des Galaxy Note.

We must however recognize the progress made by S Pen.Its latency has been improved (9 ms as on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra) and it now recognizes 4,096 pressure levels to be more precise.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

The S Pen still serves as a remote control with its gestural controls.You can trigger the photo intake, pilot the diffusion of content, etc..With a click, you show shortcuts to favorite applications, frequent gestures.You can predefine commands.It is always easy and pleasant to write, and now even more to draw with precision.

The Samsung Notes app allows great things like recognition of manual writing and fairly effective hand -drawn figures, the readjustment of your writings so that they are straight, etc..Lots of little tips that make it really interesting notes.The improved stylus will also appeal to drawing fans for which gestures become even more natural and the virtual brushstroke much more intuitive.

The effective photo, but not necessarily practical

The Tab S7+ has a double sensor on the back (main 13 megapixels and ultra large 123 ° 5 megapixel) and Samsung advances its photo asset for a tablet.It must be said that it is rare to see such a mobile product as well endowed.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

On the front, we appreciate the 8 megapixel camera positioned well in the center of one of the long sides.Its goal is clearly to serve on a video call when the tablet is laid.The selfie portrait mode is rather drinkable (except for absolute fans, but we hope they are better equipped for that!).The camera does the job for video calls and takes advantage of the attraction of Samsung to smooth the faces to flatter the ego.However, you will need a shell (not supplied anyway) which folds or a base to hold it on appeal, because the tablet is quite slippery just leaning against a edge.The positioning of the camera is ingenious, but the set is missing the foot that can be found on the pro surfaces.Because holding the Tab S7+ to one hand as we could do with an iPad is not easy.

The Tab S7+ allows you to film in 4K UHD up to 30 fps.This can be useful for lovers of good video, but it is always impractical to film with a tablet, especially of this template.

Source: Frandroid / Arnaud Gelineau

The quality of the photos is correct.But as often one wonders if it is very useful to put the package on the camera of a tablet, the least ergonomic device for this kind of exercise.However, if you have to need shots for your productivity, you will be delighted with the quality of the renderings, as often with Samsung.Faces went to the embellishment filter.At night, automatically the camera lightens the scene to better see it.Night mode adds a layer that deceives the rendering even more compared to reality.Forget the light and dark games if it was your goal.

Photo en basse lumière avec la Galaxy Tab S7+ Mode nuit de la Galaxy Tab S7+ activé avec une seule source de lumière dans le dos

The imposing template of the tablet also does not help to easily turn into a photographer, because to draw such a large device necessarily limits the (good) conditions of photo taking.

The sound a little below

The four Dolby Atmos compatible speakers that surround it are rather of good quality, without however offering a sound as immersive as the four speakers of the iPad Pro to which it is necessarily compared.It will be very good for your video conferences, playing games or watching a movie, but don't expect an incredible experience.On the other hand, the mini-jack socket for the headphones is definitely missing missing.

The tablet supports all audio formats (AAC, FLAC, MP3, WAV, etc.) with the exception of the Aptx.

Powerful and fluid

Samsung does not skimp on the possibilities of his tablet.Inside, the South Korean has slipped an extremely powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon Snapdragon 865+ Soc which can be used for all uses (productivity, navigation, video, music ...) and even rotate games easily,Go from one application to another without latency.The display of several windows does not slow down the machine and can be navigated from one to the other, copy and paste in a very practical way.The processor is accompanied by 8 GB of RAM in our test configuration (version with 6 GB of RAM also available).This announces great prowess that tests tend to confirm.

ModèleSamsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plus
AnTuTu 8 587072
AnTuTu CPU 168213
AnTuTu GPU 236454
AnTuTu MEM 90509
AnTuTu UX 91896
PC Mark 2.0 12331
3DMark Slingshot Extreme 6868
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Graphics 8562
3DMark Slingshot Extreme Physics 4058
3DMark Wild Life 4037
3DMark Wild Life framerate moyen 24.20 FPS
GFXBench Aztec Vulkan/Metal high (onscreen / offscreen) 26 / 22 FPS
GFXBench Car Chase (onscreen / offscreen) 24 / 54 FPS
GFXBench Manhattan 3.0 (onscreen / offscreen) 65 / 127 FPS
Lecture / écriture séquentielle 1573.85 / 727.15 Mo/s
Lecture / écriture aléatoire 56862.68 / 54807.32 IOPS

The software runs very well on the Galaxy Tab S7+.We were able to take advantage of an extremely stable connection in Wi-Fi to run Xcloud and Google Stadia by connecting a compatible controller.It must be said that Samsung and Microsoft have established a partnership around the tablet which is optimized for the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate service (subscription in addition).We take advantage of Xbox's cloud gaming service in good conditions, both visually and audio.

The tablet also offers a fairly optimal video game experience and in particular for Fortnite which benefits from a 90 FPS passage (as was the case on the iPad Pro and always at OnePlus).To take advantage of it, you have to make an application update from the Galaxy Store (Fortnite is no longer available on the Play Store, as a reminder).It is fluid despite our multiple virvoltages and camera movements that easily give the dizzy.It does not improve our style of play or our results (mediocre), but it contributes to a pleasant experience, as for all games, the cloud gaming benefiting from a good screen resolution added to the power of its servers.Handle in hand (Dualshock de Playstation, Xbox Controller or others), there is an excellent machine there to give ourselves good moments of video game break.

The TAB S7+ as the TAB S7 can count on 128 or 256 GB of storage, expandable via a microSD card up.She is already ready for the rest with the on -board 5G connection.The tablet also put on Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.0.

Autonomy: best and disappointment

The Tab S7+ announces a battery of 10,090 mAh and the fast load supported.And it is true that the tablet recharges particularly quickly (10 hours of use in 10 minutes).But it also discharges fairly quickly as soon as you run streaming video or cloud gaming game with Xcloud and the Xbox Game Pass or Google Stadia.

However, this remains a more than correct autonomy and you will easily hold a day and a half of use to surf the internet, watch video and make a little continuous office.

Price and availability of the Galaxy Tab S7+

The Galaxy Tab S7 and Tab S7+ are available in Mystic Bronze, Mystic Silver and Mystic Black.The Galaxy Tab S7 exists in Wi-Fi and 4G versions.The Galaxy Tab S7+ is available in Wi-Fi and 5G versions.

The TAB S7+ is offered in Wi-Fi from 949 euros (and 1,149 euros in 5G with 256 GB of storage).

Où acheter leSamsung Galaxy Tab S7 Plusau meilleur prix ?Voir plus d'offres

The cheaper tab S7 starts at 719 euros in Wi-Fi version (and 819 euros in 4G version with 128 GB of storage).