Rumor: titanium instead of steel on iPhone 14 Pro |igeneration

Rumor: titanium instead of steel on iPhone 14 Pro |igeneration


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Nicolas Furno |

Apple would replace steel currently used on its high -end iPhone with a new titanium alloy.The change would take place in 2022, for future iPhone 14 Pro, according to a report by JP Morgan Chase mentioned by MacRumors.This titanium frame would be provided by Foxconn, which should always take care of the production of these smartphones.

The transition from steel to titanium should above all alleviate these models.This material is known for its high resistance when its weight is lighter than steel, which explains why it is used in the watch industry.Besides, Apple uses it on its Apple Watch from Series 5, with a lighter model than steel versions.The aluminum used on the Apple Watch and the entry -level iPhone remains lighter, but it is also more fragile.

The titanium is not perfect however.In addition to its higher price, it tends to attract fingerprints and scratches fairly quickly, which we had seen on the Apple Watch Series 5 in titanium.Apple, however, uses a treatment supposed to limit this discomfort, but it was not entirely convincing on the watch.Will the iPhone 14 pro be better?We can in any case imagine that the process will have been improved in three years.

JP Morgan Chase's report also confirms that there should not be an iPhone 14 mini, this little unusual model should disappear from the catalog in 2022 and give way to a large entry -level iPhone.This range planned in more than a year is considered an ""supercycle"", with bigger changes than those expected for autumn.

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iftwst |

Super paint will last 2 days before revealing scratches.

Like PowerBook Titanium.No painting lastingly holds on the titanium.

Except to leave it raw.


inoga |


In raw titanium it would be superb.& en titane bleuit encore plus original.

It must well exist from surface treatments for the titanium in aeronautics or aerospace?

Pml5475 |


Unless I am mistaken, the painted parts of titanium was not in titanium but in magnesium.

iftwst |


Ah you make me doubt!

ysengrain |


Not in pure titanium;https: // wprov = sfti1

jcp25 |


Great painting will last 2 days before...-Exception what I thought!

Cyrille50 |

Titanium is more easily scratched than steel.It must be baked to harden its surface.

anton96 |


How does it cook x)?

reborn |



jujulec |


Doesn't that skip the warranty?

reborn |


In factory!😅

DamienLT |



Cyrille50 |


Bah in the oven.I have an IWC watch in solid titanium.And that's what they do at the manufacture: they cook the titanium to harden it.

madiavision |

What interest if it is to finish at 95% in a shell.It makes you think of the iPhone 6 or 8 (I know more) which was beautiful in jet black and which was damaged so quickly than resale, it decorated a lot.In summary: even if a flattering color or material will be sold more, it is not much interest since the iPhone will be hidden and protected in a shell.Suddenly, from the iPhone X, I only buy what is available immediately.Too bad for color since I dress it with a Rimowa shell in this case.

iphone5stiti |


Lost !None of the 2 was the 7 😂

Rogntudju |


""What interest if it is to finish at 95% in a shell.""

Indeed, it will be widening for hours/days/months/years, to ultimately finish in a disgusting shell.

Incidentally the titanium, grade 5 or 9 it doesn't matter, scratches very easily ...

SebKyz |


Happy to be in 5% and really enjoy the design of the product I buy.

armandgz123 |


This is not the case for everyone 😅 Personally I only put a shell when the device is damaged and it starts to become ugly.

airmax95 |

This is what I blame luxury titanium watches.The slightest thing against and it gets scratched:/But the weight gain is appreciable is sure.After on an iPhone it must not be a lot...To have

SidFik |

The problem has always been the coating, not the material..

misterbrown |

And ecology level? Producing, machining titanium vs steel?

fredsoo |

I had a hanger and a titanium gallows on a bicycle, magnificent appearance, and skates with time and sweat.

Oliviou |

No idea of global titanium production, but if Apple is affected by this material, manufacturers of medical prostheses it may be an interest in making stocks before prices fly away.

alouette22 |

The real information of the article: there will be neither iPhone 12s, nor iPhone 13, nor even iPhone 13GS: we go directly to 14!

vincentn |


Lost.We are talking about models after, 2022.Those of 2021 (iPhone 13) having, logically not yet presented.


Super I have a lighter and resistant plus Watch, and before I had 2 steel full of stripes

laraigneegypsymontealagouttiere |

Anyway, it has been up to the iPhone for years with a shell 🤷‍♂️

SebKyz |


It is necessary yes, it is even compulsory for non -careful people.For other bahs I don't see why it would be.It's still a shame not to take advantage of the design of the product that we buy on the pretext of doing like everyone else.The phones are solid (more and more), the screens less fragile than at the time of the iPhone 4.

sachouba |

This is an idea that it is ecological! Save the planet using titanium.

Carbon impact of titanium production: about 5 times that of stainless steel (according to a 2006 article).

jcp25 |


This is an idea that it is ecological!-You still have not understood that Apple makes fun of ecology!It's marketing! We don't make Apple's turnover with manufacturing in China while being ecological!

bhelden |


iphone 18 in terracotta worries you.

Sillage |

Anyway, we are packing our iPhones in boxes so that they can slip our hands and protect them.Suddenly, we almost never take advantage of the beauty of the device.

Seby59th |

The iPhone 16 Pro Max can be in solid gold from an analyst.