Rice is not a solution to save a smartphone fallen into the water |igeneration

Rice is not a solution to save a smartphone fallen into the water |igeneration

Rice is good for eating but it is no help to save your iPhone fallen into the water, recalls Ifixit in a time that falls, while the swimming pools are filled and the holidaysThe sea are approaching.

As soon as the interior of the phone is soaked, corrosion will immediately go into action and start weakening the metal connectors surrounding the components.It is not the rice which, by magic, will clean on the logic card of your iPhone the deposits left by the action of salt of sea water or chlorine in pool.A corrosion which will increase as you use your phone.Yet this cereal is often perceived as the solution to aquatic setbacks.

You can have a smartphone that will work perfectly after this rice bath, but the respite could only be short -lived.Corrosion will slowly but surely continue to produce its effects.

Le riz n'est pas une solution pour sauver un smartphone tombé à l'eau | iGeneration

Ifixit recalls this 2014 test where a wet sponge had been placed in different products: cat litter, couscous, instant rice, dry rice, silica gel, oats ... dry rice had been the least efficient.In 24 hours it was the one that had absorbed the least water.Worse, leaving the sponge in the open air had been the best solutions, since it had dried the fastest.

The most prudent when you get your phone out of the water is first to turn it off and then try to extract as much liquid as possible by shaking it gently vertically then letting it dry in the airfree.

But we will not spare an opening from the device to remove the residual fluid and clean the traces of corrosion which will quickly form.This cleaning goes through another liquid, a bath of the logic card in isopropyl alcohol (except for the battery, the screen and the camera modules).Then you will have to clean the card and the chassis with a small brush.

Ifixit offers a guide that details these steps, knowing that it dates from an era when the iPhone was less water resistant.Today it is a little more complicated to reassemble them because of the seals that must be replaced as it should be.