Potato kibble - several easy and delicious recipes

Potato kibble - several easy and delicious recipes

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Recette simple – croquettes de pomme de terre

Potato.A product loved by all humanity.Pre -earned in several ways.Always successfully.Do you like to cook?So you probably have a favorite potato recipe.However, it's always good to experience.Are you curious?In the following article, see our varied recipes for potato kibbles.

Thanks to its nutritional composition and its structure, the potato offers us a wide variety of ways to prepare.Today, attention will be focused on delicious and easy to do home kibble.The taste of potatoes fits perfectly with cheese, ham, canned fish ... In addition, the preparation of kibbles will only take you 20-25 minutes!Find a thousand recipes in traditional ingredients.

Delicious aperitif in potatoes

To garnish with tomato or ketchup sauce

Croquettes de pomme de terre – plusieurs recettes faciles et délicieuses

Potato kibble - Simple oven recipe

Potato croquettes to make yourself

We start with an easy recipe with ingredients that can be found in each kitchen.Preparation in the oven is a great asset.Let's see everything you need to make these delicious kibbles.

Ingredients to prepare 8-10 kibble:

Preparation :

  1. Épluchez les pommes de terre et faites bouillir dans de l’eau salé
  2. Écrasez les pommes de terre à l’aide d’une fourchette
  3. Ajoutez la margarine, 2 c à s du lait végétal, un peu de sel, poivre et ail
  4. Formez de petites boules et passez dans le reste du lait, puis rouler dans la chapelure
  5. Cuisez au four pour environ 20 minutes. Résultat recherché – un effet doré sur les boules
  6. Garnissez avec salade, sauce ou légumes frais

Potato hazelnuts

Potato croquettes tutorial

Gluten -free potato kibbles

Easy to prepare recipe in 20 minutes

Ingredients :

To do the panel:

Preparation : Suivez les étapes de la recette précédente.Fry in a saucepan or fryer.

Serve with garlic and yogurt sauce

Simple garnish - green or lemon salad

Sweet and sweet kibbles in potatoes and tuna

A summer recipe for potatoes

Ingredients for mash:

Additional ingredients:

For the panel:

Spicy potato and pumpkin kibble

How to make a simple dinner?

Potato kibble, easy and quick recipe


For the panel:

The breadcrumbs are the perfect component for a delicious bread

Decorate the plates with cherry tomatoes

Mustard mayonnaise

Recipe - Mozzarella potato kibbles


For a good panel:

Sprinkle with grated cheese

Variation of potato kibbles with ham


Any necessary for the panel:

You can also add cut broccoli

Combine the tastes of lemon and tuna

Recipe with pumpkin and red peppers

It is very important to decorate the dishes well

Herbs give a specific hazelnut aromat

Sesame -sprinkled kibble

Take the dish with red wine

Idea garnish for potato kibbles

Experience by combining different products

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