Phonandroid PS5: Sony finally launches the first colorful shells with DualSense assorted

Phonandroid PS5: Sony finally launches the first colorful shells with DualSense assorted

Sony has just announced the upcoming marketing of colorful plates for the PS5.These are shells to assemble yourself, not a version of the new sold machine.Colorful dualsense will accompany this outing.

Sony has just announced the upcoming release of official colored shells for the PS5 under the name of Galaxy Collection.A new -standing news by fans, who were then forced to go through third -party manufacturers to personalize their machine.It will therefore be possible to swap her classic white dress against black or another color.

You have to get along well: the PS5 sold in the trade will remain white.These new colors actually only concern the hulls and only the shells.They will be purchaseable separately for a rate of $ 55.It will then be necessary to dismantle your console yourself in order to change the plates.An operation that is certainly not very complicated, but which can scare those who are not used to dismantling.

The PS5 will finally have the right to colorful shells

Five colors will therefore be offered: black, sky blue, purple, red and pink.What dress your console so that it sticks with your decor.It is true that the current white monster can shock in certain interiors.In addition to the hulls, Sony unveiled DualSense adopting the same colors in order to have a united configuration.Again, the controllers will be sold apart and not with new machines.All these products will be available next January on the Sony site and from partner resellers in France, but also in Great Britain as well as in the United States.

PhonAndroid PS5 : Sony lance enfin les premières coques colorées avec DualSense assorties

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For the moment, Sony does not seem to plan to sell PS5 consoles directly with these colors.It is true that the machine remains difficult to find, even a year after its release, it would therefore not be really ideal to start segmenting the offer.In any case, here is good news for personalization enthusiasts who have been waiting for a Sony announcement for a long time.Today, it is possible to buy shells, but these are not official and therefore not approved by the Japanese giant.

And you, what is your favorite color among those offered?Are you going to crack for a Sony shell?Tell us in the comments !