The Otterbox Magsafe pocket charger available on the Apple Store |igeneration

The Otterbox Magsafe pocket charger available on the Apple Store |igeneration


9 commentaires Mickaël Bazoge |

Small novelty on the Apple Store which falls steep for the holidays: the store markets the new holding holding stand of Otterbox, compatible Magsafe.For € 39.95, we can transport with you this pocket charger which unfolds and turns into a crutch for any iPhone 12.

By playing with the angle of the hinge, we can orient the smartphone as we wish, whether vertically or horizontally.Please note, add the Apple Magsafe charger, which is not provided (an additional expense of € 45).


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macbook60 |

Good evening the Magsafe in addition and the charger.

mryonce |

Le chargeur de poche compatible MagSafe d'Otterbox dispo sur l'Apple Store | iGeneration

As much add 15 and take the Belkin 2en1 station but good 🤡

karl59 |

Marketing is really beautiful.Sell 50 € a vulgar piece of plastic is beautiful even if Otterbox, Nomad, Mous are however big brands but there it is difficult to justify.



So it becomes anything 😐

TomVar |

Should change the title because "pocket charger" is reminiscent of an external battery.

Djopple |


Indeed, by clicking on the article I expected a kind of external Magsafe battery.

vincemorti |

It is rather a foldable support for Magsafe charger

powergeek |

In the second photo I thought it could also load the Watch.But no.

Vaouchy |

Personally I opted for the 3 -in -1, foldable, which is also standing and which does not require anything apart from the USB C cable and the charger that we all have all!No interest in this product ...

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