Orange offers 3D printing of personalized mobile shells

Orange offers 3D printing of personalized mobile shells

Through a partnership with Sculpteo, Orange now offers Internet users to receive a highly personalized shell for their smartphone, thanks to 3D printing on demand.

Fini l'achat des coques de téléphones mobiles reproduites à des milliers d'exemplaires, bonjour la personnalisation à l'extrême ? Orange s'est associé à la société française Sculpteo, spécialiste de l'impression 3D à la demande, pour lancer un service en ligne de création de coques personnalisées. Les clients de l'opérateur (ou des opérateurs concurrents) peuvent ainsi créer une coque unique, qu'ils recevront par courrier une fois imprimée.

The process is very simple.The user must first choose the type of phone he has (for the moment only the different iPhones, and the Galaxy S2, Galaxy S3 and Galaxy Note 2 are offered), then choose a hull model.This constitutes a base which can then be personalized in a 3D preview tool, with different customization options depending on the model.

Orange propose l’impression 3D de coques de mobiles personnalisées

For example, some shells can display a relief first name, that it is of course possible to modify.Others allow you to create characters by modifying the shape of the eyes or mouth.Still others allow you to upload unique profile photos (see the example above to understand), or to select a color pictogram to add to the plastic shell.And of course, the customer can choose the material he wants.Each personalized shell costs around 30 euros, which seems quite reasonable.

"As this partnership with Orange demonstrates, large companies will gradually and inevitably integrate 3D printing into their offer, both in terms of product and in terms of service.3D printing is becoming a manufacturing process as common as it is revolutionary, "says Clément Moreau, the director general of Sculpteo.

For his part, Luc Bretone, Executive Director of the Orange Technocentre, warns that "this personalized service is a first step, our partnership will then be enriched by other developments".