Oppo Reno6 test: our favorite of the start of the school year

Oppo Reno6 test: our favorite of the start of the school year

In the absence of international fairs, the manufacturers cause traffic jams for the start of the 2021 school year.Some, like Oppo, even take the risk of seeing their new protégés being eclipsed by the traditional presentation of the iPhone.

To convince, the Chinese giant therefore chose to bet on "emotion".The one we feel in front of a beautiful film, listening to music or admiring a work.The one that invades us when we open the box with its brand new technology jewelry.

In 2021, Oppo spoiled us by launching two new smartphones: the reno6 and the reno6 pro.With the first model, the manufacturer is focusing on the techno-prix report.With the second, it comes to rub the iPhone 13, Galaxy S21 and others.

To start this school year gently, we offer our reno6 test.

Price and availability of Reno6

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The Reno6 is Dores and already available in two colors: stellar black and arctic blue.It is offered in a single 128 GB version at a price of 499.90 euros.

From September 9 to 30, Oppo offers a pair of wireless headphones Enci Free 2 as well as U Lumouous shell with a total value of 149 euros.A little back to school gift always welcome.

Oppo Reno6 5G au meilleur prixPrix de base : 499 € Cdiscount-12%439 €Consultez l'offreFNAC-10%449 €Consultez l'offreDarty-10%449 €Consultez l'offreBoulanger-10%449 €Consultez l'offreAmazon-10%449 €Consultez l'offreRED by SFR499 €Consultez l'offre Voir plus d'offres

A very "inspired" design

To say that the Reno6 is not inspired by the iPhone 12 would be at best bad faith, at worst a pure and simple lie.Oppo may deny the evidence, the facts are there and it is not certain that we manage to overcome the game of the seven differences.Let's try anyway.

First difference: the reno6 photo module is rectangular, that of the iPhone 12/13 square.Apple's models have a notch with Face ID, the Reno6 takes on a fingerprint sensor under the screen which allows him to house his front sensor in a very small punch.At Oppo, no lightning (logic) but a USB-C.

Here are three major differences between the two models.That's all ? Yes that's all.Well almost.

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If the Reno6 displays the same flat format (back and edges), it is longer than wide, which distinguishes it from the iPhone 12/13.We especially feel the difference in hand.And in this little game, the Oppo model is more pleasant on a daily basis.

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Above all, the Reno6 dresses from a coating developed by Oppo Himself.The Oppo Glow design is based on unique know-how on the market that required the deposit of 20 patents over three years of development.The result: a matt glass shell with "snowflakes" effects of which you will tell us about.

This coating has three advantages: it is very sexy, it allows the reno6 to distinguish itself from its competitors and (more interesting for users) it does not mark the fingerprints.And to top it all, the whole is certified IP54.

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Finally, this aesthetic choice turns out to be very clever.By drawing inspiration from the iPhone 12/13, Oppo can create confusion on the linear shops or at least arouse interest.Once the client is bait, his design that is both original and flashy will be able to seduce all audiences, more particularly his target of young adolescents to who release an "almost iPhone" in the playground "it's stylish".Well seen.

A (very) beautiful OLED screen

Always larger, always more beautiful, smartphones screens must respect certain standards in 2021.Oppo has understood this and equips its reno6 with a screen worthy of high -end models.

Test Oppo Reno6 : notre coup de coeur de la rentrée

The 6.43 ’’ slab (designed by Samsung) is based on AMOLED technology with a 90 Hz refresh frequency, Full HD+ definition (2400 x 1080 pixels) and HDR certification.Oppo announces a contrast rate of 1,000,000: 1, 93% coverage of the NTSC color range as well as a maximum brightness of 750 nits.Don't you like figures?Remember that the Reno6 screen is very successful.

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The smartphone is therefore armed to ensure a multimedia experience with small onions, whether it is video or play.To not spoil anything, the audio configuration promises a good immersion thanks in particular to a Dolby Atmos certification.

We will also not fail to mention the high -end haptic vibration engine which makes each touch on the screen tasty than the previous one.This component, often abandoned by manufacturers, nevertheless intervenes in the majority of our interactions with the smartphone.An excellent point therefore.

Music lovers will also appreciate

Not content with providing a high -flying screen (for the price, don't pack), Oppo also treats its music lovers.The Reno6 displays Bluetooth 5 connectivity.2 and supports a slew of audio codecs.

We find the traditional SBC and AAC but also the APTX or the LDAC and the LHDC.Yes, the Reno6 also offers an excellent audio experience, provided of course that it is paired with compatible equipment.

The main thing is essential

This year, Oppo has chosen not to put his eggs in the same basket.If the Reno6 Pro has a Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm, the Reno6, it integrates a Dimensity 900 chip from Mediatek.

The manufacturer justifies this choice by the constraints of supplying components (which is definitely good back) but not at all for economic reasons (Bah see).He assures that mediatek chips are just as efficient as those of the American in this price range.

In reality, it all depends on your expectations.The Reno6 is efficient enough to meet everyday needs: from social networks to web navigation, including some basic games, nothing really scares it.The 8 GB of RAM allow it as a bonus to easily switch from one application to another, enough to delight the most connected users.

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If necessary, the Reno6 can rely on its virtual memory.Basically, part of the storage memory (up to 5 GB) is moved to RAM memory in order to provide more power when necessary.

Despite these very good ideas, Oppo does not manage to hold the dragee high to its main competitors, the iPhone SE 2020 in mind.Obviously, Mediatek chips are not as efficient as Oppo says.And this is mainly observed during long 3D game sessions.

For 500 euros, it would have been surprising that the Reno6 provides the same level of performance as the most high -end models.Let's say that for 99 % of consumers it fulfills its role perfectly.The main thing is essential.

The fastest recharge of the moment

We cannot really say that the Reno6 is among the most enduring smartphones on the market.Nevertheless, its batteries of 2150 mAh each allow to face a hard day of labor without flinching.Less connected users can even push until the next morning before going through the charging box.

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The recharge, precisely, is among the main strengths of this reno6.Oppo accompanies the smartphone with an ultra-fast charger Super VOOC 2.0 with a power of 65 W.The latter allows the two batteries to recover 100% of their energy in just 28 minutes!We have verified, the scores announced by Oppo prove to be correct.A record therefore, while waiting for the Xiaomi 11t Pro test which promises a full load in less than 20 minutes.

For the time being, the Reno6 stands out as a reference in the matter.Compatibility with wireless load would have allowed Oppo to make a perfect copy.You have to know how to make sacrifices.

Lots of photo functions and (especially) video

In 2021, the photo quality of smartphones at less than 500 euros is more than a majority of users.Without reaching the level of a high -end model, the Reno6 will satisfy most consumers.

Equipped with three modules of 64, 8 and 2 Mpxl accompanied respectively with a wide-angle, ultra-angle and macro lens, the Reno6 knows how to be versatile and efficient.

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You will therefore have no difficulty immortalizing your most beautiful moments of life ... in good light conditions.Because if the reno6 is formidable by day, it sometimes experiences some difficulties in low light.Should we be offended?Not really.In reality, it is the prerogative of all smartphones at less than 500 euros, excluding Google Pixel 4A, decidedly unbeatable.

Ultra grand-angle
Ultra grand-angle
Zoom 2x
Zoom 5x
Zoom 10x

We forgive this little weakness all the more as the Reno6 has many creative features such as the IA creative palette which automatically publishes a photo from the shades of another.The homogeneity between the different objectives is also among its strengths.

The integration of a objective dedicated to macrophotography always leaves us skeptical since an ultra-angle can very well take care of it.Coupled here with a 2 MPXL sensor, its results are far from convincing.Basically, he would not have missed anyone if Oppo had decided to do without it.What do you want, three sensors "it's good".


If he does not revolutionize the genre in photo, Oppo insists on video, use in full explosion explains the brand.Thus, the Reno6 incorporates a video portrait mode creating a bokeh around the filmed subject.Interesting on paper, this mode sometimes lacks precision especially in terms of contours.But it remains fun and allows, in the best conditions, to "play it like Spielberg".

On the program also an AI color portrait mode allowing to film a color subject in a black and white environment.Finally the super idle mode can reach 960 IM/s with an HD definition.

Finally, note that the integration of a frontal sensor of 32 mpxl (very attractive) confirms the manufacturer's desire to seduce a young audience more follower of selfies, snaps and other tiktok.


Coloros is still improving

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The Reno6 is delivered with Coloros 11.3, the new version of its overlay based on Android 11.If this last update does not revolutionize the interface, it brings some welcome new features.

Among the most interesting, we will mention the free screenshot allowing to select a precise area of the screen with the shape you want.Instant translation is also added to this functionality.

System cloning will delight users wishing to take advantage of two universes (for example professional and personal).These two separate interfaces open according to the finger imprint chosen to unlock the smartphone.

Finally, the O Relax application (one of the rare pre-installed by the manufacturer) promises to make you "travel through the sound atmospheres of different cities in the world".This is actually an application to improve concentration or relax.Always welcome, especially for the most distracted users.

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During its presentation, Oppo also mentioned the Always-On-Display Portrait function.It allows you to create a wallpaper for AOD mode from one of your portraits.We could not try this feature, unavailable at the time of writing.

For the rest, Coloros is always distinguished by its great simplicity, the fluidity of animations as well as the multitude of personalization options.One of the best versions of Android to date.

Oppo Reno6 5G au meilleur prixPrix de base : 499 € Cdiscount-12%439 €Consultez l'offreFNAC-10%449 €Consultez l'offreDarty-10%449 €Consultez l'offreBoulanger-10%449 €Consultez l'offreAmazon-10%449 €Consultez l'offreRED by SFR499 €Consultez l'offre Voir plus d'offres

Our opinion on the Reno6

Like every year, Oppo celebrates its return with two products from the Reno range.If the pro versions are usually the most attractive, we do not hide our attraction this year for the standard model.

In itself, the reno6 never really shows itself above the lot in relation to the competition.With the exception of its refill system much faster than that of its rivals (for the moment), this model shines with its versatility and its beautiful balance.

The strength of the Reno6 is its ability to adopt all high -end standards for a very content price.It is therefore not perfect (night photo and autonomy remain perfectible) but it remains very complete.All in a design certainly inspired by a famous fruity brand but undeniably attractive.Our favorite of the start of the school year.

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