Nut season - when and how to pick them up and keep

Nut season - when and how to pick them up and keep

Fall does not only offer its wonderful colors, but also a whole range of foods, each more beneficial than the other!Nuts are fruit-rich fruits and omega-3 fatty acids, which makes them extremely beneficial for heart health.In addition, they are really delicious!So, without further delay, take advantage of the nut season, by drawing fresh ideas from the following lines.

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  • La saison des noix fraîches

    You can enjoy fresh nuts from September to November.Note that fresh nuts are very different from dry nuts.They have a delicate, crunchy and sweet taste.It is a rare and little known food, but it is very appreciated by experts.

    The fresh nut season is from September to November

    Nut harvest

    The nut harvest begins in the first weeks of September and ends in early November.Farmers know that it is time to harvest when they see the external green shells drying and starting to split, which allows them to remove nuts from the inside.

    When to collect nuts?

    Know that you have to pick up the nuts when they fall to the ground.Remember that they arrive at maturity from September to October and that you have to pick them up as soon as possible to avoid mold.Take into account that the shells are naturally softening over time, which allows easy walnut access.If the shell is still firm and difficult to remove, put the nut aside for a few days.

    Pick up the nuts when they fall to the ground

    How to dry nuts?

    To dry the nuts in shell, spread them on sieve trays.The optimal drying temperature is 35-37 ° C for 3-4 days.

    How to prevent nuts with molding?

    The objective of drying nuts before storage is to reduce moisture in nuts to prevent mold growth.When the nuts are properly dried, they must be crunchy inside and not rubbery.

    How to remove the nuts?

    La saison des noix – quand et comment les ramasser et conserver

    The best way to dissect a small amount of nut is to drop the shell by hand, using a nutcracker or a hammer.Manual peeling is tedious, if you have to treat a large amount of nuts.Then do not forget to rinse the peeled nuts to eliminate the leftover of the drum.

    Peel a small amount of nuts in hand, using a nutcracker or a hammer

    How to keep nuts in hull?

    Keep nuts in the freezer, wrapped in storage bags or other hermetic containers.The nuts in shell keep well for a year.

    How to keep dissected nuts?

    Remove the shell and extract the nuts before storing them.Take into account that peeled nuts keep up to two years in the freezer.The salumage and dehydration preserve peeled nuts.Do not forget to keep the nuts in hermetic containers at room temperature.

    Peeled nuts keep up to two years in the freezer

    How to keep the fresh nuts longer?

    Keep the nuts dissected or in hull in hermetic containers, in a fresh and dry place.The refrigerator is an excellent choice because the nuts will stay cool for up to three months.You can also freeze the nuts up to a year.Note that nuts absorb odors, so it is preferable to place them far from food with strong odor, like onions.The airtight containers offer the best protection to maintain their freshness.

    How to remove the skin from a nut?

    The skin found on peeled nuts can leave a slightly bitter taste.This is why, it is better to remove it before adding the nuts to the breads, salads and desserts.Here are some tips for doing this.

    Tips for removing the skin from a nut

    Why wash nuts?

    Washing nuts is the fastest and easiest way to clean the nuts in dirt, tannins, chemicals and unwanted acids that could stay on their surface.To do this, you only have to put the nuts in a bowl of water and rub them together to eliminate any accumulated dirt.You can also run cold water on the nuts, placed in a colander.

    Nutritional value

    The nutritious and phytochemical advantages contained in the nuts make it an excellent healthy food choice for the heart with the high content of nut oil (63 grams per 100 grams).Note that a portion of 30 grams of nuts provides significant omega-3 fatty acids, 2 grams of fiber and 4 grams of protein.Nuts do not contain sodium and cholesterol.On the other hand, they have twice as many antioxidants as other types of nuts.

    Nuts have twice as many antioxidants as other types of nuts

    How do you know if the nuts are good?

    Peeled nuts

    If the nuts seem too wrinkled, ratatored and rubberous, it is an indication of bad nuts.Take into account that the peeled fresh nuts must be firm to the touch.Soft and humid nuts should be thrown away.

    Nuts in shells

    Nut nuts must be heavy.If the nut meat inside vibrates, it is an indication that the nut is old and begins to dry out.Throw nuts that have cracks or holes in their shell.You can also test the nuts in a water seal.Place the nuts there, those flowing at the bottom are good, those that float indicate that insects have reached nut meat inside, which is why it is light enough to float.So throw the floating nuts.

    Advice to recognize good nuts

    How to cook fresh nuts?

    Here is an easy recipe to cook nuts in the oven or in the pan.In this way, you will enhance their flavor to add them to salads, snack mixtures and desserts.

    Ingredients :

    Preparation :

    1. Mettre les noix dans une plaque à pâtisserie et les faire cuire au four à 180°C pendant 7 à 10 minute, en gardant un œil sur elles pour ne pas les brûler.
    2. Ou bien, faire cuire dans une poêle à feu moyen pendant 2 à 5 minutes (si vous préférez les préparer à la poêle).

    Option: you can add spices of your choice.

    Cook the nuts in the oven or in the pan

    Is it good to eat nuts every day?

    The best way to consume nuts is to soak them overnight, then consume them in the morning.Know that it is good to eat between 2 and 4 nuts per day, no more.

    Nuts of nuts

    It’s the fresh nut season, these treasures, full of benefits

    Add the nuts to cakes

    The easiest way to dissect nuts is using a nutcracker

    Take advantage of the fresh nut season

    Nuts are full of benefits

    Recognize good nuts

    Keep nuts in hermetic containers

    Pick up the nuts when they fall to the ground

    Take advantage of nut benefits

    The fresh nut season is from September to November