Nokia publishes a kit to print lumia 820 shells in 3D

Nokia publishes a kit to print lumia 820 shells in 3D

Want to customize the case of your phone?No need to go and buy one in the business.You can now print it in 3D at home.Last month, Nokia kicked off what could well be a common practice in a few years.The Finnish company has indeed published a kit allowing to print its own shells for the Lumia 820 smartphone.

It is a very promising idea, which opens up really interesting perspectives in terms of personalization.Last month, Nokia published an explanatory guide on 3D printing of Coans for Phones.Thanks to the kit made available on the site, owners of a Lumia 820 smartphone can now print their own shell and thus personalize their terminal.

Among the information provided Nokia to carry out this work are 3D models, the technical characteristics of the shells compatible with the Lumia 820, the materials recommended for 3D printing and the best practices to follow to obtain a successful telephone envelope.

Nokia publie un kit pour imprimer des coques du Lumia 820 en 3D

For John Kneeland, manager at Nokia, 3D printing of shells is only a first step.In the longer term, Nokia could design phones that would no longer be finished products but as evolutionary and hackable platforms, that is to say hackers both in terms of software and in terms of hardware.

The Finnish company could thus sell telephone models which could then be customized according to needs."You want a waterproof phone, which shines in the night with a bottle opener and a solar charger? Can someone build it for you-or you can print it yourself!", Explains John Kneeland, a bit enthusiastic, projecting into the future.