▷ Marriage and the importance of having a tailor -made costume

▷ Marriage and the importance of having a tailor -made costume

Wedding Day is a special moment.Exceptional, filled with unforgettable emotions and moments, but also disturbing.Any new bride dreams of a fairy tale in which she plays the main role.This is why, she and her husband both, must be magnificent and carry the most beautiful outfits in the world.The easiest way to do this is to opt for tailor -made clothes.Only such a piece can fully meet your requirements.The personalized sewing starts from zero and follows the individual line of your silhouette and its proportions.This of course at a higher price, because it is complicated to make, but it is worth the investment.In the following lines, we zoom in on the choice of a tailor -made wedding costume and all the advantages he presents.

Custom costume is the best alternative for an impeccable look

Choosing a tailor -made costume

The manufacture of a tailor -made costume is the best way to find your individual style without taking into account current fashion trends.You have the possibility of developing a model according to your own preferences.In addition, another advantage is also the free choice of textiles and their quality.Since no one would like to feel uncomfortable during the day of his own marriage, huh?Thus, the role of the good couturier in this important mission is to assist you with advice and directions.Apart from that, it's up to you to imagine the costume of your dreams.

So do not wait to make an appointment with your modist or designer chosen

Custom costume - an equivalent of the perfect cut

▷ Le mariage et l'importance d'avoir un costume sur mesure

Each person has specific proportions and then cutting the garment must comply with these proportions.In this way, your costume will highlight the lines of your body and will also hide imperfections.Taking precise and detailed measurements by a professional includes the grip of the height, the chest, the waist and hip round.For male costumes, we also measure the width of the shoulders, back and sleeves and the length of the pants.Then the costume cut is drawn on paper.Finished templates are placed on the chosen fabric and delimited in chalk.

Opt for a cut that highlights your figure

The importance of corrections and fittings

Sometimes because of a weight loss or gain, we must make corrections.Under these conditions, the choice of a tailor -made wedding costume is most correct because it presumes changes.During the process of creating the model, the designers leave reservations for possible corrections.In addition, you have the opportunity to do several fittings.During each fitting, we sometimes share details of details to add or remove from the final version of the garment.Some designers offer corrections even at New Year's Eve of your D -Day!

Involve a new life into clothing and adapt it to its silhouette at any time

Hand manufacturing, essential for custom suit

The hand manufacturing of a personalized costume is the most important step and its biggest asset.We advise you to opt only for designers who work with specialized and modern equipment.These tools give total freedom of action and guarantee specific results.It is also important to demand that auxiliary tissues and materials be pre-tested for possible deformation during ironing and collage.Now that you know the importance of a tailor -made costume for your wedding, all you have to do is find a specialist to entrust your preferences.

Treat yourself to the freedom to feel comfortably during the day of your wedding