The battery of your smartphone suffers from the cold?Our advice to limit the drop in autonomy

The battery of your smartphone suffers from the cold?Our advice to limit the drop in autonomy

Grégoire Martinez Lithium batteries can sometimes experience capacity reductions during cold waves.Europe 1 explains how to keep maximum autonomy.

A battery that discharges faster than usual.With the cold wave that has been touching France for a few days, the batteries of electronic devices are put to the test and their autonomy can display a significant drop.Far from being a bug of the phone or tablet concerned, it is a temporary reaction due to the cold.Europe 1 explains why and what to do.

A chemical reaction more difficult to produce.To operate, all small electronic devices, in particular smartphones, are equipped with lithium battery.This technology chosen for flexibility and good performance works thanks to a chemical reaction.The energy is formed from the reaction between the different layers of the battery which are very close without ever touching.But the cold comes to complicate this reaction and requires a greater amount of energy to produce the same performance.The smartphone battery therefore drops by cold period.

La batterie de votre smartphone souffre du froid ? Nos conseils pour limiter la baisse d'autonomie

What to do ?This reaction is temporary and fades normally with the return of usual temperatures, but it is still possible to limit its impact.During cold periods, it is preferable to store your smartphone in a place preserved from the cold like a pocket close to the body, always at 37 degrees, or in a well closed bag.It is also better to avoid taking out your smartphone too often when you are outside.Finally, if the loss of autonomy becomes problematic, the purchase of an external battery (from around 15 euros) can be practical.Finally, it is important not to put your smartphone close to a radiator when you get back from the outside to avoid too much temperature shock.The latter would have lasting consequences on the battery.