iOS 12.3 and tvos 12.3 are available with the new Apple Apple TV |igeneration

iOS 12.3 and tvos 12.3 are available with the new Apple Apple TV |igeneration


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After a six -week beta cycle, iOS 12.3, tvos 12.3, HomePod OS 12.3 and Watchos 5.2.1 are now available in their final versions!The biggest novelty is the TV application repainted from the floor to the ceiling on the iPhone, the iPad and the Apple TV.This is particularly sensitive on TVOS, with more complete descriptive cards for content (sometimes accompanied by automatic reading videos 😤).

In the United States, users will be able to subscribe to channels directly from the app: Starz, Showtime, HBO, Smithsonian Plus or Tastemade are available.The price is $ 10.99 per month, with the first month offered.The application also includes a children's tab with programs for mouflets (read: first glance on the new TV application).

Apple has not forgotten the 3rd generation Apple TV (2012 and 2013), the system of which is evolving!Boxes will be able to access the new Apple TV application too.

In version notes, Airplay 2 support is also retained by compatible televisions (read: the Apple TV and Airplay 2 application available on Samsung TV).For those who hold the accounts, know that the version of Build of iOS 12.3 is 16F156, 16m153 for tvos 12.3, 16U113 for Watchos 5.2.1, and 12:847p for Apple TV Software 7.3.

Version notes

iOS 12.3 Supports TV compatible with Airplay 2 and includes a redesigned TV app.This update also has bug corrections and improvements.

Airplay 2

Apple TV app

This update also has bug corrections and improvements.It allows you to follow a magazine from the Apple News+ catalog.

The HomePod is entitled to its update 12.3 You have to install from the House app.Apple mentions only one evolution: “Connection to certain types of business networks which require unique identifiers.»»

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balraj19991 |

It's Watchos 5.2.1?

romgiotti |

Either it is the same as the beta 6, or it is not yet deployed!

twaltzer |

On the old Apple TV will we have access to Canal Séries via the TV application?

Faabb |

@Twaltzerbonjour, what did you find how to access MyCanal from the Apple TV 3?

Chris_974 |


Same question for access to Molotov essential to have TV on the Apple TV 3 without going through iTunes Store each time.

Dodo01 |

Besides, seeing the stickers, we will soon have the T-shirts for the Kickstarter??

tom2446 |

iOS 12.3 et tvOS 12.3 sont disponibles avec la nouvelle app Apple TV | iGeneration

My iPhone X does not offer it to me

renob |

Nothing on xs max

julnaref |

Nothing on iPhone X either!

bonenza |

In full download on my iPhone XS

cecile_aelita |

This is the first year for a long time that an X version.3 brings so little novelty! OK there is the TV application but which is only available at the US...So already this novelty for us we remove it...finally...What remains??

Come on I stop doing my grumpy !!Ok that does nothing but at the same time I have little to blame 12.2 doncfinally c’était bien râler pour râler ?

33man |


Do you want animoji ???In short Personal I hope everyone at Apple focuses on iOS 13 rather and lets the trainees do the fixed to the X.3...

cecile_aelita |


Well at the limit I prefer an animoji of which I have access only a TV function available that in the US? More seriously, let's say especially that since iOS 12.2 Takes really very well on my XR I don't have too much special complaint ^^ Like what, take the time and put less new things every year it pays?

33man |


Not false, it is on that with their last announcement, newspapers, magazines and series...That for the US...It makes a nice leg, well we say that but there are some who have not apple pay available...

MeTe0R_ |


Personally I also see an increase in fluidity

cecile_aelita |


??Excellent !! good valve ??

marenostrum |

It is offered even for those who had installed the last beta.

romain_bdrt |

I hope wifi problems on my X will be solved...

DarC |

What is TVOS 12 version number.3? Thank you

taxtax |

My iPhone 7 Plus has been a week since the update in 12.3 And goes almost twice as fast when I open Macgé with Safari!


Dodo8 |


I found the secondary of Ivador

taxtax |


Running gag for those who take 1st degree to the point of treating the gentiles of Ivador's sugar.


iVador |


What did I still do?

taxtax |

@ ivador

Bin nothing, but if you allow, I allow myself to emphasize that I am from another clan than yours.

Tenas |

Shift made on iPhone X and Apple TV 4K, RAS


I had bought the whole Harry Potter series in 4K and with this Appletv update, I still have episode 1 which is in 4K, the rest tilted in HD!

ChePaki |

Does it improve the battery? (Running gag, do not answer)

MystR |

With 12.3, there was the Orange operator update 36.0.1 But without wifi SMS on iPhone 6...

ios |

I cross my fingers for Wi-Fi calls, this bug is really unbearable.There is a second one, when I am in conversation with Handoff from my iPad and my correspondent receives a call, puts me on hold then merge the conversations, as soon as he hangs up this "double call" and returns only with me heDo not hear me anymore, and I have to recover the conversation from the iPhone, well in short I hope that this bug has passed by too?

Dziga_Vertox |

But we then drew their update.

deodorant |

Even my old Apple TV is entitled to an update!

cecile_aelita |


Which one I hope you are not talking about the Apple TV4 when you say old?iPhone 5 which is still used at home ^^

AppleBZH |


Well if equipment of 2015 is old and an iPhone 7 for example is also.

cecile_aelita |


No...And it is precisely because of mentality like that that we find ourselves in an overconsumption society !! but good...It seems to please a lot !!(And after that complains that things are expensive ??)?

AppleBZH |


After Apple's advantage is to follow the software of their old devices, I am always surprised to see my mother's iPhone 5s under the same iOS version as my XS Max!

cecile_aelita |


Exactement !Et je suis sûr à 100% que ta mère est très satisfaite de son « vieux»» iPhone 5S ! (Qui fait très très très très bien son boulot !)Si les gens arrêtait de changer de Matoss tout les ans juste par phénomène de mode (déjà sur le plan écologique ça serait génial mais bon...Let's not ask people too much ^^) and especially people would stop complaining that there is no newness every year !! I went from an iPhone 5 to an XR...I swear to you that the jump was spectacular !!!(And yet we are talking about a rotten iPhone according to everyone ??)

AppleBZH |


Indeed that is enough for her, after she did not know better? Personally I am one of those who find that techno does not go fast enough!I will be for the abolition of classic TV (and public service) with program only on demand, switch to 4K/8k only, long deletion of the fixed phone, even on boxes etc..I find that we hang out, techno exist and we do not force their implementation enough!

cecile_aelita |


Pourquoi 4K/8K16k plutôt ? Et puis 32K l’année d’après et 64K et 128K ?Je me moque évidement mais l’idée est la !C’est à cause de ça qu’on engendre les trolls et les rageux qu’on croise constamment sur macg et autre forum!! Les gens ne sont jamais satisfait de ce qu’ils ont parce qu on passe leur temps à leur faire comprendre qu’ils faut qu’ils en changent sinon c’est « naze»» !Personnellement je trouve ça plutôt pathétique et assez affligeant mais bon...This is today's society!(I speak like an old idiot when I am not even 35 years old ^^

GaelW-Mac |

Too bad the TV application does not offer a dark mode...☹️

theo345 |

Good evening I was on the beta 6 of iOS 12.3 and I deleted the profile to install iOS 12.3 But since 7:15 p.m. it has marked time estimation my update does not want to do what should I do?

marenostrum |

No need to delete the profile, the update is offered to everyone, even being on the last beta (my case).

I think it will also be the last evolution of the betas.They will offer the beta of iOS 13 next month.

theo345 |


Okay, but I stay to block on the iOS 12 update.3 because I can't install it finally it tells me estimate of time and nothing has changed for hours

malbar37540 |


HelloPareil for me on iPhone XS

Osei Tutu |

Installed on iPhone 6S (415 MB update size)

pat3 |

@Osei tutu

And do you see changes?

Osei Tutu |

Just an improved feeling of fluidity.But maybe it's just an impression.To be confirmed in use.But I will pay more attention to the autonomy which is my basic criterion

pat3 |

@Osei tutu

Ok thank you, I will wait for the end of the week to update the iPhone.Jefeerzus probably that of iPad before.

johndoo |

Not bad...After personally I think it really becomes the brothel!Between the Apple TV the Netflix Amazon Prime subscriptions and now iTunes Movie Brief...I left Apple's services because the concern is that they are still a little too close...I pray for Apple to stop the Apple TV and finally take out an Apple HDMI 4K or 8K key

bebi27 |

"I pray for Apple to stop the Apple TV and finally take out an Apple HDMI 4K or 8K key"

What will be the difference with an Apple TV?It is already small enough to be fixed behind the screen on the wall...If it is to remove the remote control and become a chromecast I do not see the interest.

hclic76 |

I have the same problem as #OSX with Harry Potter films, is there a solution to recover the 4K on the other 7 films?


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