iOS 11: First discovery of the new app store |igeneration

iOS 11: First discovery of the new app store |igeneration

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For the first time since its creation nine years ago, the App Store was widely revised with iOS 11.Beta is available this evening for developers who can discover what awaits them and what awaits users from September.It must be said that there is a lot, a lot of new features.

We will come back longer to all the new features of iOS 11 in the coming days and the coming weeks, but here is quickly what the new App Store looks like.All controls have been revised and finesse gives way to more marked elements, such as fatty text.The trend was launched last year with Apple Music, Apple adapts it little almost in iOS 11 and especially in its Apps store.

The first screen of the new App Store is indicative of the biggest change in the App Store: the selection and the editorial are at the heart of the store.Instead of an apps grid, you will have a series of cards and behind, you will still not find apps grids, but ... items.In any case, there are not only apps and sometimes a lot of text to read.Text and images that describe an app, such as the new Valley 2 monument available this evening on the App Store, or even advice associated with an app.

Among the examples offered this evening, five tips for VSCO.There are also selections: one app and one game a day, these thematic sets ... But everything is exclusively in English for the moment and it will be necessary to check what apple intends to do internationally.The company has opened this page dedicated to the editorial on the App Store and the developers can contact the teams in charge of the store to boast the merits of their apps.It remains to be seen how the selections will be made and what content will be offered over the months.

The other major novelty is the complete separation between games and apps in the store.There is a tab dedicated to each element at the bottom and each time we find the same sections and rankings each time, but without the games on one side, and without the other apps on the other.This change responds to one of the developers' criticisms: the games occupy such an important part in the store that they crushed other apps.A utility will thus be more likely to access the first places of the rankings.

App Store sheets are also evolving.The information is roughly the same, but the display gives pride of place to the images and the controls are revised, with more prominent buttons.In addition, everything is displayed on the same screen, in a long list, rather than in separate tabs.If there is a video, it is also put forward compared to what we have today.

iOS 11 : première découverte du nouvel App Store | iGeneration

To finish this first overview, the view dedicated to updates adopts the new interface codes of iOS 11, just like research.

Finally, a new intriguing option appears in the settings of the App Store.It automatically deletes unused apps to save space on an iOS 11 device, while retaining the associated data.By reinstalling the app, you will find everything in the same state ... in theory.It is probably better to abstain during the first beta.

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Guillaume06 |

Awful.Anti-ergonomics.No serious it is not possible how can we screw up a monstrous brothel in such a simple application

Alberto8 |


This is what I think too, now remains to be seen in real life.

bonnepoire |

They changed the codes, it's normal for it to disturb us.To see after use...

feefee |


"Awful.Anti-ergonomics.No serious it is not possible how can we screw up a monstrous brothel in such a simple application"

Alleeeeez it doesn't matter it will pass..

I prescribe 2 months of use of iOS 11 every day, days noon and evening without moaning but thinking about the place.

He will not seem anymore.

simnico971 |

OMG The return of network signal bars!???

loupsolitaire97 |


Yes it surprised me too!

And I lose the value in number:/

fl4shback |


Is it to make room for cutting for loudspeakers and sensors of the iPhone 8?

loupsolitaire97 |

On paper it is awful for use it is awful!

simnico971 |

Attention @Loupsolitaire97, derrière toi, c'est affreux !

simnico971 |


quentinmassondu57 |

BCP had already shouted in scandal for the music app last year and yet Apple updated other apps with this same design

 |

Me it takes me a lot of this new design.Games apart is very good.The editorial too, Apple often finds very good applications.I remember the selection of the App Store that came out every Thursday and which very often made me download the suggested apps because of high quality! No really iOS 11 at the top!??

Lestat1886 |

I like this new design!And the separation of games is a good idea

niicoo76 |

Not a fan either but we'll see

Eyquem |

I just installed iOS11 and the new app store is absolutely horrible!More clutter you die...And why did they put titles 10km high?!What a loss of space!

kiddsoso |


Is it stable ??

Eyquem |


Yes, I am fine.The apps are slower to start on the other hand...

dem0 |

It's funny I really like this new design me.What I regret on the other hand is to apply it only for 2 apps (3 with news, still not available in France)).In the end, an abominable lack of homogeneity (the same thing for the Homescreen with the new AppStore and iTunes icons which are the only ones to change...))

Myka31 |

I liked the finesse of the previous icons, but we get used to it.The MacOS counterpart will probably follow the same design one day.

tutuflo13 |

We in the messages adjustment and photo a little this designman personally I like...There is an effect when you go down to the "normal"

hogs |

Great news...uu...I mean "Monument Valley 2", visible in a screenshot illustrating the article, whose exit I had to miss.

And hop, it's in the pocket ;-))

Aphelion |

Personally, I like design.To see in use.

J83 |

Would someone have found where the wishes list gone?No matter how much I look for I find it anywhere.

djliv2004 |

At home the app store does not want to appear..."Connection to the impossible App Store" that he tells me...

Applesoft |

It's very good to editorialize all of this! To separate the games from the rest also.Yes, it crushes the rest.Annoying for people like me who do not play.And very good to return to more fatty police.We read more easily.It's not perfect but it's a good start.

ccim12 |

The games apart is good, you have to get into the habit of new presentations before moaning, which is not used for much elsewhere.I do not believe that Apple takes into account to recondate the appstarebonne evening and good Sunday to all

Orion |

Someone knows how we can have access to the stars of each app without opening each description?It allowed a glance to spot an application appreciated by most people.Practical when you have a list of unknown applications.For me it was the most useful part of the old App Store.

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