In the musical universe of William Cloutier |  JDM

In the musical universe of William Cloutier | JDM

Big winner of the 2021 edition of “Star Académie”, William Cloutier is already ready to launch his first album less than a year later.

The singer from Victoriaville seemed to know where he was going. Shortly after winning top honors on television, he launched into songwriting with such rigor and enthusiasm that today he can present his finished product with the album “On ira ".

And he managed to refine his album while assuming his role as dad with his two young boys at home.

It must be said that he has dreamed of this job for a long time. And many of his favorite performers, through their songs, have nurtured that dream in him over the years.

When you heard the government announcements of the last weeks, did you think for a moment to change the release date of your album?

Absolutely not. I even thought it was timely because, more than ever, we need to listen to music. This album is a gift that I give myself. I also offer it to people who support me from "Star Ac".

Is it difficult to reconcile a career as a singer and a “career” as a dad?

Sometimes, I can't always get through certain things with the family schedule during the day. But I compensate in the evening. I manage to hold on. This is the reality for so many people. Many other artist friends of mine have to juggle work and family. Ariane Moffatt told me about it recently.

You composed with a friend, Benjamin Nadeau. Your girlfriend co-wrote the lyrics to a song (“On ira”). Is it important for you to work with relatives?

Dans l’univers musical de William Cloutier | JDM

I had no rules for this album. I was open to collaborating. Lots of artists invited me to jam at their place: Roxane Bruneau, Marc Dupré, Andréanne A. Malette, France D'Amour. People were fine from the start of this process.

With my girlfriend, it all happened spontaneously. “On ira” was the first song for which I found the complete melodic line with Benjamin. We were in a very summery context. We were leaving by car in early July for a family getaway. We wrote it like that.

My album is full of happy coincidences. I love being around people I love.

What did your parents play in the house when you were young?

Laurence Jalbert, Isabelle Boulay, Paul Daraiche. Dany Bédar, Les Colocs, France D'Amour, Patrick Norman, Claude Dubois. My mother learned the guitar at 30 and when we had a family dinner or a Christmas party, she took out her guitar. She was playing La chicane, Noir silence.

Did a performance by an artist on stage convince you to do this job?

I have so many! It's hard to decide who really awoke that in me. But that's when I saw Celine's show in Las Vegas in 2013. I was so thrilled to see this artist who has an immense voice with infinite capacities.

You come from Victoriaville. What was one of the first shows you saw at Victo that made an impression on you?

I have so many memories of the Saint-Jeans in the parking lot of the Coliseum in Victo. I also went to see shows at Parc Terre-des-Jeunes. Those were big shows! I remember seeing Garou sing “Sous le vent”.

You were a fan of “Star Académie” when you were very young. Which participants influenced you the most at that time?

Wilfred LeBouthillier, Annie Villeneuve. Jean-François Bastien had sung “I will change the world with a song”. This song is one of the reasons why I do this job.

You have already said that you consider yourself more of a melodist than a composer. Who are your favorite melodists?

Richard Cocciante. He wrote among others the song of Isabelle Boulay (singing) "I will forget you, I will forget you..." Also Daniel Bélanger, Les Soeurs Boulay, Andréanne A. Malette, Mara Tremblay. I really like Leonard Cohen too.

Among the Americans, there is Max Martin. I love all of her catchy pop melodies from Britney Spears to Adele. You can't miss John Mayer either.

Is there an artist or style that you like that might surprise us?

Bodh'aktan. It's rock with Celtic influences. Every time they release an album, I buy it. "To drink", "Rum, women", it's really visceral tunes!

Do you and your girlfriend have a favorite song?

“Sweetly”! Each time it plays, we improvise the best dancers in the place. We even won competitions in the South! Of course we weren't totally fasting... (Laughs)

With which international artist would you like to do a duet?

Beyonce. He is the most spectacular person in live performance. She dances well, she sings well. It's inhuman to sing well like that.

Would you like to write songs for others?

Of course I would have fantasies. I will never consider myself good enough to send songs to these people, but I would like to hear Rafaëlle Roy, Mélissa Bédard, Andrée-Anne Leclerc, Kevin Bazinet. Powerful and agile voices, but also soft head voices. I like Louis-Jean Cormier, Vincent Vallières.

With two young boys at home, are there any children's songs you can't hear anymore?

I can't hear 'Crazy Frog' anymore! I myself danced on it when I was 7 or 8 years old. When I see my son listen to it in turn, I am no longer capable!

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