How to prevent your friends from scrolling through your photo gallery?

How to prevent your friends from scrolling through your photo gallery?

Sometimes we entrust our iPhone to a loved one to share with him some shots kept in the photo app.But it is enough that this one makes the contents a bit too long ... so that intimate photos fall into bad hands.Starting from this postulate, the YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions imagined a three -dimensional solution, devilishly effective.

The principle is relatively simple: it is a protection for the laptop (it seems to be one of the two iPhone 13 pro), but which does not cover that its back.The whole also has a climble shutter on the screen, so as to make its touch controls completely unusable.There is then only to reach the mobile equipped with the accessory to the desired person, and voila: impossible to change the displayed image.

Reusable at will?

The front window blocking thanks to the action of a magnet, it is better not to reproduce the experience at home.We know indeed that these gadgets are known to deregulate certain crucial parameters of electronic devices, even if the proprietary wireless recharge via Magsafe calls for this technology from the iPhone 12.

Comment empêcher vos amis de faire défiler votre galerie photo ?

For the shell in question in the video of the day, a notable advantage is found in nevertheless in its versatility.The user can thus choose whether or not to block the ice in front of the display, this one being simply "row" on the other side when he does not need it.

Unfortunately, the Swiper Stopper (it's his name) is not available for purchase.Its creator especially imagined the product to joke.Anyway, it must be said that it may be a little too imposing for daily use: the thickness of the iPhone is almost doubled.He therefore risks not going into all the pockets.

Other original ideas

Unnecessary inventions has already imagined plethora of other concepts, each more original than the other as a helmet that broadcasts music outwards or another iPhone shell this time doing Office de ... Distributor of candy.Judge yourself, the resulting is surprising: - App officielle iPhon.frPar : Keleops AG4.1 / 5184 avisApp Store