How to get rid of food mites?-

How to get rid of food mites?-

Do you open the cupboard and food mites fly away?Do not panic !We wrote a guide, full of advice how to get rid of food mites.So don't delay reading the following lines to manage with this task.

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    Wondering where these flying insects come from?Provisions you bring home.They invite themselves into your home through a window or a door ajar.Guided by smell, they settle in the kitchen.

    The first signs indicating that your kitchen is infested with food mites are larvae and cocoons.If you notice, throw the foodstuffs started in the trash.If in doubt, you can put the cereals you just bought in a jar.Close it with the lid and shake it, if you notice filaments in the jar, your cereals are infested.So the time to go to the next step has come.

    What attracts food mites?

    These critters are attracted to foods such as cereals, flour, rice, but also by sugar, chocolate, cookies, dried fruits.In fact, it is the larvae of food mites that need to feed on these products.Note, however, that organic foods, which do not contain pesticides, attract moths the most.Also, if you buy bulk food, take the time to check them, because it is one of the ways that these butterflies invite you.

    How to get rid of food mites ? -

    Foods that most attract food moths are oats, flour, rice, pasta

    What scares out mites?

    Do not be discouraged, if your kitchen is invaded by these critters.There is a whole range of grandmother remedies that are very effective.In addition, some food anti-mites are very good repellents against insects in general.If you want, you can opt for insecticides too, but note that they contain substances that can be harmful to humans.

    Natural food mite

    Essential oils are very effective against insects

    Check your food before storing them in the cupboard

    How to get rid of food mites ?

    Know, first of all, that food mites are butterflies with beige wings and as their name indicates, they settle in provisions.Flour, rice, oats and pasta are their favorites.

    Meticulous cleaning is essential to get rid of food mites

    Dietary trap

    There are many anti mite alternatives on the market you can choose.Remember that you can make a food mite trap yourself.Here are the variants of traps that we offer:

    Remember to create your ecological system at home.If your cupboards are invaded by food mites, take trichograms.These are, in fact, invisible insects feeding only mites eggs.In addition, after having eradicated the generation of flying critters, the trichograms disappear.It is advisable to use the diffusers of these insects for 8 weeks.

    Homemade food trap

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    Food moth - Danger

    Do not worry if you find moths, their cocoons or larvae.They have no danger to human health.It is recommended, anyway, to throw all the infested food for hygiene reasons.

    How to get rid of food mites

    Close provisions in jars so as not to attract food mites

    How to get rid of food mites

    Tips how to get rid of food mites

    Make your own food mites trap