How to choose your motorcycle passenger saddle bag

How to choose your motorcycle passenger saddle bag

Choice criteria, capacity, extensible or not, type of fixings, points to check, price...Buyer of the saddle bag

Which saddle bag to choose according to its budget and use

When you have to go rolling, you have the choice between multiple kinds of luggage, from the tank bag to the top case.But in all this, there is a bag that is used less often, wrongly and it is the saddle bag or passenger saddle bag, not to be confused with the sandbag (which can also serveequipment transport).

In any case, if for you, the passenger is a ballast way of sand bag, then you are ready to opt for the passenger saddle bag.This specific luggageie takes place on the possible time holder or instead of your companion or road companion and adopts a fairly neutral behavior.At least if he is well chosen and well loaded.In trade, there are many solutions aimed at transporting something behind you, as large as it is.From the small bag to the huge jumbo jet style bag, each solution offers its own tips, its own type of use and its own type of fixation.So what saddle bag is for you, for your use and especially for your motorcycle?We studied the question.

Pourquoi prendre un sac derrière soi ?

Due to its location, located just behind you, the passenger saddle bag takes the wind little.Depending on its proportions and location, it can also serve as a backsplash to wedge well in its motorcycle seat.So beware of the volume taken by the baggage and especially the location of the weight and the load.This must not be mobile, so as not to unbalance you.Hence the importance of choosing a semi-rigid or rigid bag, to distribute what you want to take and above all to choose a type of fixing adequate on the saddle.If all is well, you don't feel or very little the bag behind you, as if it were a good passenger.

Quel est le principe ?

Let it be called, bag, baggage, luggage or rear luggage, the principle remains the same: transport on the passenger saddle (or the saddle cover or a support replacing the passenger seat) a more or less important load, moreor less imposing.All without significantly modifying the behavior of the motorcycle.Indeed, our mechanical destriers are for the vast majority approved for 2 places and are therefore designed to support a more or less heavy load on the rear loop.

Even single -seaters can take on this type of motorcycle baggage, provided, however, that the rear building is able to bear the weight you want to take.A little glance on the gray card also allows to know what is the payload, that is to say that beyond which the motorcycle is no longer approved and therefore able to ensure a behavioroptimal.

Rest assured, the bag is a simple, effective solution and even the rear curls of single-seaters are in theory capable of taking at least one model.At least if they have a removable saddle cover.With certain solution which can reach 90 liters of volume, as much to say that one can put heavy in it and that it is advisable not to miss.

Tip: be careful not to damage your saddle by carrying a bruising baggage or on the surface that can damage the saddle.Protect it with a suitable and non-slip carpet.Cost: from € 7 in a specialized store.

Un complément élémentaire

Often complementary with the side or side bags, including them even for the largest models we have just mentioned, the passenger saddle bag must take into account several parameters: size, but above all the use you wantDo according to your type of motorcycle.

Start that you will not be able to access its content by driving (if you need, opt for a tank bag.Also consider the securing of the content against the flight, especially if you have to stop more or less at length on your journey.If you cannot quickly dissociate them from the motorcycle, their content is exposed to the indelicacy and monitoring them is not always obvious.So remember to choose models equipped with zips with a pulling allowing a padlock to pass.For instance.Otherwise, opt for equipment that you can quickly detach and take away with you.So not too large.Above all, he must offer the possibility of having a shoulder strap or suspenders to allow you to keep your ease during a stopover.The way of grafting them on the rear place is therefore essential.There are many devices, to be adapted both to your need and to your motorcycle style.

Les marques proposant des sacoches de selle

There are abundance of proposals concerning the saddle bags. Comme toujours, les principaux acteurs du secteur de la bagagerie et de l’équipement moto sont présents, parmi lesquels Enduristan, Held, GIVI, Kapa, Kriega, Moose Racing, Shad, Saddlemen, SW-Motech ou encore Hepco&Becker.Without forgetting all the proprietary brands of major brands of the distribution of motorcycle equipment, among which Dafy, Motoblouz, Louis, Moto-Axxe and others.

Le prix

Comment bien choisir son sac de selle passager moto

There are bags to be stuck from a few tens of euros but it can increase to 450 euros when it includes a fixing platinum.

Le rapport qualité prix : intéressant quoi qu’il arrive

Thorny question than that of the cost.It all depends on the use you will make of your equipment, the frequency and the periodicity of your outings.But we can consider that this transport solution remains relatively economical with regard to what other bags, bags, suitcases, top-box and other motorcycle trunk cost.Indeed, by its location, the passenger saddle bag has many assets to simplify its implementation and its outfit, reducing the costs.Above all, you can fix very economical and very simple luggage behind you, competing in a significant way the specialized bag.Logically, the saddle bag comes into conflict with standard bags, which can always be stuck.However, the luggage designed for the motorcycle offer robustness, a relative waterproofing and a design does not damage its support, while effectively protecting its content.Flexible or rigid, whatever, the function remains the same, while the volume can vary from a few liters to almost a hundred liters for some.Suddenly, the cost can vary from about twenty euros to more than three hundred, depending on the capacity, the brand, but also the originality and the technicality of your choice.

What type of fixation for which type of motorcycle?

Le système D : sangles, tendeurs, scotch...

As economical as possible and without size limit as to what is carried away, within the limits of reasonable, of course.A good sports bag, a suitcase or any other "standard" baggage can be transported fairly simple on the passenger square, especially if its shape lends itself to it.In width or length, we strap, we "tensioner" or even in extreme cases, we tape (it's experience ...), or even the three at the same time; and voila.At the price and congestion of the strap (which one can always have on ourselves in the trunk of the motorcycle for example, as small as it is), this troubleshooting solution is rather nice.It remains to verify that nothing turns, slips folds or makes the trunk ... not always very reassuring, but it helps out!

Tip: Place the buckle of the strap in a place where it will never be in contact with the body or protect it surrounding a laundry tied or taped.And be careful when tightening not to break anything.In the "bag" as on the motorcycle.

Le filet araignée

We don't always think about it, but this variable geometry solution adapts very well to the transport of more or less bulky packages at the back of the motorcycle.With its mesh of robust elastic straps and stowage hooks, some of which are more reassuring loops than standard metal hooks, we can transport what is in a suitable container.We swaddles it, we reward, we ride ... simple, effective.It remains to be able to fix the hooks and to choose the size of the meshes of the net so as not to let anything go through.

Tip: Make the hooks by means of a tramed scotch or other.This prevents them from standing out and any friction.

Le sac de selle baluchon

The balluchon itself is not often able to offer fixing devices, but it is perfectly in place behind you, constituting an excellent luggage solution.Marine type, easy to load and not compartmentalized, this perfectly waterproof tube takes care of what it contains and is easily transported once at destination.It remains to secure its installation on the motorcycle.It can be placed in length or width depending on its dimensions.The capacity is variable.Some are equipped with straps origin for simplified fixing on the motorcycle.As long as we have a hook.

La bagagerie à sangles et tendeurs

There are several solutions to secure a bag with a passenger seat.The first one ?The good old method - and the least stable let us say in the state -: the tensioner integrated into the bag.It is still necessary to have sufficient hooks and therefore passenger footrests, retractable lugs under the saddle or even hooks on the passenger decks.It is also necessary that the shape of the rear shell and more of the saddle is compatible with a baggage.A flat saddle relatively parallel to the ground, at least leaning towards the driving station is a plus.Whatever happens, if you have to pass a tensioner or a strap in your body, protect it by means of a tramed tape or a clean and non-abrasive surface, your varnish will be grateful.In general, ensuring the right fixation by means of a strap or two is a plus.Be careful not to tighten too much if you take fragile equipment or your baccarat crystal service.

This type of equipment is relatively simple and economical and its loading capacity can be important: count on a useful volume of 15 to 35 liters

La bagagerie de selle à semelle souple

To slide under the passenger seat, whether it is a saddle in two parts or in one, the flexible sole can offer a robust zip hook system or satchel ties or strap, or even all.It can therefore be mainly made up of straps or having a surface to be placed under or on the saddle, more rarely both.We can thus find a surface welcoming luggage and allowing to limit shifts and wear by friction, while offering the possibility of recovering and simply placing the compatible bag (clips or scratchs).

The sole of the passenger saddle can remain permanently for a journey, avoiding sometimes laborious installations.

This solution is appreciable and relatively universal in addition to being very discreet.Simple and rather economical to consider, especially if the sole of your saddle (the hard part below the padding) is of a compatible shape.So be careful when choosing.

La bagagerie de selle à semelle dure (Note : Hepco&Becker par exemple)

On bi-post sportsmen (passenger saddle and driver's saddle), or on advertising trails with Bi Post saddle, placing a bag in a rear position is not always reassuring.We will therefore appreciate having a hard platinum taking the place of the passenger saddle and saving as well the fairings that she brings practical aspects to compensate for certain shortcomings.This, often made of metal or aluminum, is specific to your motorcycle.It offers a flat, well -placed and holding transport surface in place.Above all, it is secure and you can stable any type of luggage or special luggage.Anchor points are optimized, both by their distribution and their form.An expensive solution, but ideal for lovers of beautiful pieces and the most worried among us.In a way, this solution is an advanced package in the passenger place, which does not modify the distribution of the masses on your motorcycle.

La bagagerie « jumbo »

Here is an ideal solution to see big.If you cannot choose between rider bags and passenger saddle bag, there is a solution incorporating both.Big and long solo travelers, here is the solution to not forget anything and go with a large part of what you want to take.With a capacity of up to 70 liters and more, we certainly modify the aerodynamics of the motorcycle compared to a simple saddle bag and the loading precautions are multiple, but the adventure is at the exit of the garage!Ample, lifestyle, but bulky including once it is necessary to store it, this ultimate saddle bag is essentially attached to the means of straps.

Transporter son animal de compagnie

If the tank bag is very indicated for the transport of small animals, you can opt for a specialized saddle bag welcoming a 4 -legged passenger (for example).With openings and ventilations allowing your companion to see the light of day and to breathe at ease, its proportions are also planned to allow a little comfort to this special member of your family.With a capacity of approximately 50 liters, it can also include comfort cushions and accessories, while the equipment is also provided to be easily transported once at your destination.Finally, the rear animal saddle bag allows you to keep the possibility of keeping the primary function of the passenger seat.The only drawback, it is expensive, very expensive (around 275 euros), due to the targeted market.Fortunately, this equipment can also be used in another way, as a traditional luggage.

Les questions à se poser pour bien choisir sa sacoche de selle


There are many solutions to transport behind what you want to take.Of course, none is bad.The passenger saddle readily welcomes any type of loading, provided that we take the necessary precautions and that we are not too greedy.Let's not forget that one can only feel the presence of the saddle bag in the back and that in case of bad fixation, we soon found it in a wheel or on the road.The ideal solution couple an adapted, well -stoned luggage and securing by means of a strap or tensioners, especially if you drive loaded.For small volumes, the saddle bag is perfectly suited.Of greater capacity, it requires a more solid base and is then a better way to transport more and better.

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