Masked notch, functional area on black background: interface proposals for iPhone 8 |igeneration

Masked notch, functional area on black background: interface proposals for iPhone 8 |igeneration


47 commentairesMickaël Bazoge |

The notch of the future iPhone, which will contain the sensors on the front, is at the heart of many debates, especially among designers.How will the iOS interface be articulated with this cut in the screen, and taking into account the "functional zone" at the bottom of the device?Allen Pike gave us a little idea - that Apple has of course not confirmed - with the tilt of the links at the bottom of the screen around the virtual home button.The concept is good and to make good measure, Max Rudberg wanted to go further by bringing a little "polish".

What is the concept that has your preference?

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newiphone76 |

I would like with the masked notch but not with the returns at the bottom as on Android

SuperLuminou |

Starting from the principle that this iPhone will integrate an OLED screen, the version with masked notch is much more likely and seems more aesthetic to me.The functional area on a black background has at least the merit of restoring symmetry between the top of the screen and the bottom in the case of a masked notch.In addition the buttons will probably be more accessible for those who use their iPhone with one hand.

CaptainBinouz |

The permanent masked notch seems the most logical interface, I do not see how it could be otherwise.On the other hand on the concepts illustrated here, it poses a little concern for high/low symmetry.

roccoyop |

I would have seen the first or the 2nd proposition, just for the highlighting of the screen size.

Tiberius |

I do not agree too much with the navigation bar at the bottom, especially since there is already the tabbar...If we put the navigation at the bottom, we will have the tabbar at the top (as on the droid)

patrick86 |

"If we put the navigation at the bottom, we will have the tabbar at the top (as on the droid)"

Very bad idea on big screens.The tab bar at the top is too can accessible.



The tab bar remains at the bottom, in the application area and not in the functional area!

I largely prefer the 3rd (black bands at the top and bottom), much more aesthetic.But if not the first, as long as we limit asymmetry to the maximum what...

Espcustom |

OK for menus that will be easier to access at the bottom but normally we go back with a gesture, so it's not necessarily a plus.

Otherwise hidden notch seems to me the most likely and in any case the visually pleasant.

iOx2 |

Encoche masquée, zone fonctionnelle sur fond noir : propositions d'interface pour l'iPhone 8 | iGeneration

I wonder how it will be managed when we put a video or a photo in the full screen?We will have the masked in and the writing (battery network...) would disappear?

This is the first time that we will have a display surface not at all rectangular with its angles everywhere, strongly the key note !!


Let Apple make us a nice interface.We will see in 1 month and a few days

Zefram |

Personally, I would do differently: why the network signal and the battery should necessarily be at the top? Let's take the 2nd photo, (iPhone 8 on the left) I would put the network and the battery at the bottom, and the navigation buttons at the top, soaccessible in my opinion.Suddenly the area at the bottom would not need to be tactile.

thierry37 |


Navigation buttons at the top? Do you have a 7 plus? And long fingers that go up to the top?

Not me.Impossible to go find the buttons at the top to post this comment to one hand.

Afterwards, I can hardly see Apple putting buttons below on iPhone 8 and above 7s plus.

Zefram |


Yes I have a 7 plus, and personally when I hold the iPhone with one hand, I find it more difficult to reach the home button with the thumb than the upper part of the screen.

naarin |


Interesting, you probably hold your iPhone higher.The fact remains that one end is difficult to access, even if for you it is the bottom?

BananaYatta |

I would say masked notch and black functional area.But I'm waiting for a black version of the iOS interface!#Oled

Tchobilout23 |

White iPhone = Black iphone white status bar = black status bar

vlsf1 |

Or no white iPhone (on the side anyway).The thing with an OLED screen is that as the pixels are turned off, the black notch and the black wallpaper will melt almost completely.While a white notch and a white wallpaper, it will be seen

Rayorbe |

But this screen is an absolute non -sense...What is the use of a larger screen if it is to "hide" the excess screen? This is the first iPhone whose rumors are also perplexed.

Raph0658 |

I lean for the version with masked notch and navigation buttons on a black background, with the difference that I will see this last smaller and symmetrical zone with that of the top.

stemou75 |

In any case, we lose the permanent display of the hour.It's still a shame.

Pffffff |


According to some proposals, this could be at the center of the Home button (virtual)

mat 1696 |

By cons if the time is no longer always displayed, it would be a huge regression!

mmmathieu |

The time is missing...

fkdev |

Status bar on two lines to give way on time and be able to display the previous app without crushing the name of "Carrier".

f-factor |

Me it is especially the touchhound button that leaves me perplex if the rumors are true: it is anti -ergonomic as possible.Until now, you don't need to watch your phone to find the Home button blind, without false handles.If the concept of this button in touch version is true we will have:- the obligation to watch your phone to put your finger in the right place to press "Home", which happens about 200 times a day- a loss in comfort duringDoubles tap (which brings the interface near the thumb), with risk of touching the adjacent buttons- loss of double click which reveals the selector of apps- a major risk of touching the adjacent buttons- and incidentally this zone "dead"Currently serves to keep your phone without putting your fingers on the screen!

...These are only rumors but I am really curious to see if this model does not bring a regression, like the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, so much less practical than the keyboard shortcuts that we can do withouteven lower your head to its keyboard to see which touch to aim.

Pffffff |


Already the case from the iPhone.7 At the Home button is already.Virtual: nothing new

Pffffff |

Logic if the color of the black facade

If the facade is white, should reverse the colors....

yasuo87 |

Cool with this stupid notch we lose consistency in the interface we will have a black bar all the time at the top as on iOS6 and previous...I preferred the united white interface so much...?

Pierre-Antoine |

Encoche masquée??

f-factor |

@pffffffTu parles du téléphone que j'ai dans la main avec le gros bouton en bas de l'écran? ;-)

lafrez |

With the not masked notch we have the feeling that the screen is greater, and that is what I prefer, while adding an originality that others have not.

cocotux |

Masked notch and without functional zone... Immonde autrement?

SebKyz |

It is no longer symmetrical in all cases, this is what leaves me perplexed.

simnico971 |

The last one is the one I find the most readable and harmonious (masked notch and functional zone on a black background).

julbod |

It still lacks an essential thing on these concepts, the time display.Other than that I like the Status Bar in black!

starrk13 |

Until now on the iPhone everything was clean symmetrical (even with the lens that stands behind), from my point it is not like at all.Or let the bottom and the top are constantly blackening to have perfect symmetry of the screen and reveal the battery indicator, network etc...and below shortcuts, clock etc...

Keor |

What a horror this iPhone...The notch, the rear pustula, the screen not symmetrical and immense edges giving the impression that there is a bumper.Franchement ça vole pas haut au R&D, c'est bien triste si l'iphone ressemble réellement à ça.I think we hold it, one of the ugly smartphone so -called borderless of the Chinese production moment included.And

Rez2a |

The comparison of the latest prototype next to the iPhone 7 is cruel anyway. En gros, on va se taper le plus grand écran qu'on jamais aie eu sur un iPhone (Plus inclus) pour gagner quoi, même pas une centaine de points en hauteur?

I hope that Apple is really better than that in the boxes because it does not make you dream at all.Too much, too much stupid space stupidly because of this supposed functional area.

Espcustom |

Frankly if it comes out without hiding the notch, I understand nothing anymore.

victoireviclaux |

I don't like notches.?

sachouba |

That it's ugly, this notch...A symmetry between the top and bottom of the device would be much more aesthetic.

This same symmetry which has been the excuse of Apple fans for years so as not to reduce the size of the high and low borders of the iPhone...In the end, it is not going so much to the heart that it is in Apple, symmetry.

Keor |

Much more beautiful this one https: // youtu.BE/SPOJXFA4GZA

thebarty |


No, ugly with the black band at the bottom and nothing at the top.

thebarty |

Not h not masked!It reminds me of the digital cockpit of Audi (https: // goo.GL/Images/9ou6k5).On a daily basis, it's very pleasant.

iValFR |

J'ai une préférence pour l'encoche masquée?

steph0678 |

Having your level of permanently displayed battery is useless and anxiety -provoking.A study has shown that on a smartphone whose battery level is displayed (in %) sees its autonomy reduced by the mere fact of checking its load level by turning on the screen regularly during the day.I did the test myself and I find it more aesthetic and less stressful.Especially since the value is purely indicative.On ne retrouve cela que sur les iPhone et les Mac mais est-ce vraiment utile?Supprimer l'inutile de cette barre d'état pour ne garder que l'essentiel serait une très bonne chose (réseau, mode actif, heure).

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