Here's how to get an iPhone X before everyone else on pre-order day!

Here's how to get an iPhone X before everyone else on pre-order day!

Pre-orders for the iPhone X will begin on October 27. Stocks will be extremely limited, and not everyone will be served at the same time.

How to get an iPhone X first?

To do this, there is a fairly simple technique that has already proven itself in previous years. It consists of going through the Apple Store application available for free on the App Store and not through the Apple site which updates less quickly on D-Day (and in general).

Once the app is downloaded, bookmark iPhone X by going to Buy > iPhone > iPhone X and choosing the color and storage capacity that suits you. Once done, tap the heart in the top right to favorite iPhone X. Also, make sure you've added a payment method and address to your account.

When pre-orders open on October 27 at 9:01 a.m., open the application, choose the iPhone X that you have previously favorited, add it to the basket and proceed to the validation of your purchase in just a few seconds!

Here's how to get an iPhone X first everyone on pre-order day!

Are you going to buy the iPhone X? Have you ever tried this trick?

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