Galaxy S21: accessories included - and additional costs

Galaxy S21: accessories included - and additional costs

The Galaxy S21 is there!Compared to its predecessor, Samsung saved a little on the extent of delivery.Here you will find the accessories that you should also buy and their cost.

Apple does it with the iPhone 12, now Samsung follows with the Galaxy S21.Unfortunately, these are not powerful performance or features, but the smallest range of delivery.In addition to the device itself, the box contains only a data cable (USB-C to USB-C), a quick guide and the slit tool.

It doesn't matter that it is the Galaxy S21, S21 + or S21 Ultra.Consequently, in addition to the price of the mobile phone, you could face additional expenses.We have listed valid accessories and their costs.



To avoid unnecessary electronic waste, the Galaxy S21 is not delivered with a load adapter.The manufacturer has refrained from doing so on the grounds that most people probably already have an appropriate feeding block.If this basic equipment is missing, then Samsung offers its quick quick charger for just under 35 euros.USB-C power can then load your Galaxy S21 with a maximum power of 25 watts.The smartphone is therefore quickly ready to be used.

The Galaxy S21 series supports wireless induction load, but you must also buy the appropriate accessories separately.You get the full power of 15 watts with the EP-N5200 wireless charger support for a recommended sale price of 79.90 euros.The Wireless Charger Pad EP-P3105 with a maximum of 9 watts for 59.90 euros is a little slower, but cheaper.If you want to charge several devices inductively at the same time, Samsung offers the Wireless Charge Trio EP-P6300 for 99.90 euros.

Of course, there are also compatible wireless chargers from other manufacturers.Make sure it is a Qi certified device.You can then use it to load all Samsung devices supporting inductive load.

Galaxy S21 protective shell

Galaxy S21: accessoires inclus – et frais supplémentaires

Some live dangerously and use their unprotected smartphone.However, we recommend that you always use a coverage.After all, the high -end device must be well protected daily.The Galaxy S21 is not delivered with a protective case - but Samsung offers a wide range of phone cases.

If you just want protection, but also a clear view of the new design of your Galaxy S21, you can use a simple and transparent shell.The price is generally the lowest for these simple protective covers.If you also want to protect the screen, you can get a foldable blanket.

Samsung, for example, offers the Clear View Cover, with which you can use various functions via a side window.This case is also available in a special version for the Galaxy S21 Ultra - with a location for S Pen.

S Pen for the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Samsung's practical stylus has long been reserved for the note series.Large screens make the devices more suited to work.But with a 6.8 -inch screen diagonal, the ultra galaxy s21 is not much smaller than the brothers and sisters note.Consequently, you can now also use the S Pen here.Important difference: there is no way to house the pen directly in the device.You must therefore also transport S Pen with you - or get an appropriate cover.

The right sound

Since Samsung does not put any headphones in the Galaxy S21 box, you should get them if necessary.Rightly so, the Korean company not only presented the new flagship products during the unpacked event, but also the Galaxy Buds Pro.Active abolition of smart noise should convince here.He automatically recognizes when you speak, then goes into conversation mode.For example, you don't need to activate the ambient mode on the helmet to order in coffee.

If you do not want to spend 229 euros on the old wireless helmet of Samsung, you can of course connect any other ear cap to your new Galaxy.However, do not forget that no device in the S21 series has a jack connector.So you need a USB-C adapter-or you can buy headphones with a USB-C connection.

Find everything

Samsung also revealed the Galaxy Smarttags during the Unpacked event.These are the first internal Bluetooth trackers.For example, you can attach it to a trousseau.The smartphone application displays the approximate position and a signal sounds by pressing a button.So you can find the tags everywhere.

Practical: you can also use the tracker to find your Galaxy S21.To do this, you use the button on the Galaxy Smarttags.Your phone will then ring if it is within Bluetooth range.

Protect the scratch screen

Fortunately, a useful and practical update of your smartphone costs only a few euros.This is a protective film for the screen.We recommend a tempered glass protector.It seems not only of better quality, but does not scratch as easily as a flexible plastic film.The corresponding products are cheap, you just have a little tact during their application.We explain here how you can get a protective film without bubbles on your phone.

Galaxy S21: high total costs possible

Overall, there are a lot of accessories to consider when buying a Galaxy S21.Consequently, high costs can occur overall.A theoretical accessory package composed of the Galaxy Buds Pro, wireless charger support, S Pen, Galaxy Smarttags and Clear View Cover is around 390 euros.Here, however, pro buds represent the share of the price lion.

Most of the time, you already have chargers and headphones, so you will probably have to spend less.However, we recommend at least one mobile phone case with screen protection.And the S Pen is also an extra very useful, if you opt for the Galaxy S21 Ultra.