The Fossil Gen 6 will not work under Wear OS 3 before 2022

The Fossil Gen 6 will not work under Wear OS 3 before 2022

Fossil has unveiled this week its range of new generation smartwatches, called Fossil Gen 6.While fans were enthusiastic about this launch, the company revealed that the long -awaited Fossil Gen 6 will be launched with Wear Os 2 rather than with the new Wear Os 3 seen on the latest Galaxy Watch 4 Classic and Watch4 from Samsung.This is a surprising and disappointing revelation concerning the new equipment.

Users impatient to receive the update to Wear OS 3 will have to wait until 2022, when it will be available after a full factory reset, which is something that we have generally not seen required for aOS update.The Fossil Gen 6 will also be one of the first devices to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100+ platform, unlike the new Galaxy Watch, which use the Exynos W920 processor.The company claims that the new chipset will offer a 30 % increase in performance compared to Gen 5 devices and more efficient energy consumption.

A notable addition is the SPO2 sensor, which monitors oxygen levels in the blood with a "upgraded heart rate sensor to allow continuous monitoring and better signal accuracy".

La Fossil Gen 6 ne fonctionnera pas sous Wear OS 3 avant 2022

The Fossil Gen 6, like its predecessor (the Fossil Gen 5), offers a microphone and speaker feature for Android and iOS, so you can take calls and use Google Assistant on the move.The Gen 6 also allows you to access the Google Play Store to download applications based on Google, like Google Pay.You can also download third -party applications like Spotify, which recently started supporting offline reading for smartwatches under Wear Os.This could be a key functionality for runners and music lovers who like to work with personalized reading lists.

In addition to the improved GEN 6 features, users can take advantage of 8 GB of storage and 1 GB of RAM with super optimized autonomy (up to 24 hours) for an improved experience which will probably be stimulated by Snapdragon Wear improvements4100+ above.She would take care twice, "reaching 80 % in just over 30 minutes of charge".The company claims that this feature is useful for following your sleep, as users can have a fully loaded device ready in the minutes following their alarm clock after a full night of use.

From 299 euros

The Fossil Gen 6 has an AMOLED 1,28 inch tactile screen and a 30 m water resistance, which allows you to use it safely during swimming.Gen 6 is available in two sizes: a 44 mm case offering a choice of four colors, and a 42 mm box offering three colors for more variety and options.Users can also personalize dials and buttons for a more personalized look.

The price of the Fossil Gen 6 starts at 299 euros for the 42 mm model and 319 euros for the 44 mm model, which seems to correspond to the prices of the Gen 5 and the other SmartWatches Wear Os.You can pre -order Gen 6 on the official fossil website, and the company indicates that your order will be shipped to the end of September if you now order.