Film and photograph like a pro with its smartphone

Film and photograph like a pro with its smartphone

By Didier Sanz published, updated

Tripods, stabilizers and other objectives improve shooting from a mobile.our selection.

It is no longer a trend, it is a phenomenon: 97 % of the images taken worldwide are captured with a smartphone or a tablet!Whether it is to follow the first steps of the last one, to keep vacation memories, to memorize sporting exploits or to stage on social networks, the mobiles inexorably replace the cameras and the camcorders.Including professionals.However, if the sensors and optics of smartphones are constantly improving, they are still well limited compared to specialized devices.Accessories manufacturers have understood this, which multiply specially suitable products.Trips and stabilizers, additional objectives and external flashes: if nothing replaces know-how, these tools should still help you succeed in sure your shots and videos.Update on the essential equipment.

A quality objective

Why?To have more than a fixed focal length and a mediocre zoom, and be able to capture creative images.In short, to improve the images seized by the small lens of smartphones.

How?With additional objectives that set up on the camera of the phone.Depending on the model, we then have a large angle, macro or telephoto optics, from 50 euros.Among different brands (moment, olloclip, ibolo, etc..), the most appreciated are the exolens equipped with Zeiss glasses.Two versions are available.For the iPhone 6 and 6S, the exolens case is in the form of a protective shell on which one can set a wide-angle, macro, a telephoto lens and a polarizing filter.

The company also offers various supports that clip at the corner of the mobile: compatible with the iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus and 6s Plus, 7 and 7 Plus but also with the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, they allow you to add a large-Angle, a 40-80 telephoto lens or a zoom.One of the models also incorporates a fastening for tripod and an accent holder to install for example an additional flash.The idea is interesting, but it will be necessary to take care to choose the right frame and above all plan a budget to invest in suitable perspectives.Count more than 200 euros for the telephoto lens kit or the Grand Angle Exolens kit.

A stable support

Filmer et photographier comme un pro avec son smartphone

Why?To remedy the main enemy of the image hunter on smartphone: approximate handling.Whether filming in motion or with insufficient light, the result may be blurred, unstable, spoiled by tremors and jerks, even with the stabilization systems of certain models.

How?By adopting a foot that will maintain the camera or a handle that will compensate for the movements.The tripods (from ten euros) are mainly suitable for portraits and fixed planes.Foldable, they get carried away easily;Flexible (from 30 to 60 euros for the Joby Gorillapod), they adapt to any land and can even hang on to a tree or on a door.If the model is devoid of a fixing system, or to be able to fix the smartphone on any foot, it will be necessary to invest in an adaptable medium like the ShoulderPod S1 (30 euros).

For moving images, nothing beats stabilizing handles, like Dji's OSMO Mobile or SPG Plus Feiyu (around 300 euros).Once the smartphone is placed in the special pliers, they allow superb panoramic and travellings without jerk, as in a film, thanks to their small engines that compensate for the inclination on three axes.Depending on the model, the buttons make it possible to control the registration and the dedicated app can automatically follow the subject.Most accept the vast majority of current smartphones from 4 to 6 inches.

Effective lighting

Why?Because in low light conditions, the integrated flash of the smartphone rarely produces satisfactory results.

How?By opting for a lighting system worthy of the pros, such as additional flashes equipped with several LEDs which diffuse a homogeneous light of adjustable intensity.Those who adapt to the majority of current mobiles plug into the minijack of the smartphone.For a price between 20 and 50 euros, it is the end of red eyes and pale faces. On préférera les modèles avec batterie intégrée (pour éviter d'épuiser celle du smartphone), puissance réglable et fonction de synchronisation avec l'appareil photo du mobile: iBlazr (28 euros), Avizar Flash&Fill (20 euros) ou le must, le Lumimuse 8 de Manfrotto (120 euros) avec ses huit sources lumineuses, qui se fixe sur une griffe porte-accessoire ou sur un trépied.Also interesting, the Lumee Duo (80 euros), a shell for iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus which has two rows of LEDs on the sides: it produces constant lighting whose power can be adjusted.

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