Demand for iPhone 13 would suffer a slack | iGeneration

Demand for iPhone 13 would suffer a slack | iGeneration

A slump in sales of the latest iPhones has forced Apple to ask its suppliers to slow down, says Bloomberg. The entire iPhone 13 family would be affected by this slowdown, at least Bloomberg does not specify if there are exceptions in this range of four models.

Production would have already been reduced by 10 million units – out of a total of 90 million iPhones ordered – to take into account component supply constraints.

Apple would have considered catching up from 2022 by taking advantage of improved deliveries, but this hypothesis is now in the dark. Apple would have thus warned its partners that the orders would not ultimately be at the level envisaged, customers seeming to give up equipping themselves with one of the new models or prefer to postpone this purchase.

Tim Cook warned last month that the situation would continue to be tense for Apple and its supplies, stressing that the end of the year – oh so crucial – would show little lull.

iPhone 13 demand would take a hit slack | iGeneration

Between Covid-19 and component shortages, a rocky end to the year for Apple's supply chain

Apple was not at the point of fearing bad quarterly figures – it is even rather the opposite that was emerging – but they would nevertheless be constrained again by the repercussions of the health crisis. Over the summer period, Apple had seen its turnover cut by 6 billion dollars for lack of stock in the face of demand.

As for the iPhone 13 offer from sellers, it is quite variable. To summarize in broad strokes, the iPhone 13 and 13 mini are more easily and quickly found than the 13 Pro/Max. On the Apple Store the first are available immediately, the second under two weeks.

On the reseller side, the difference is much more marked. At Amazon, Fnac, Darty or Boulanger you have to slalom between models, capacities and colors to find an iPhone 13 Pro while the 13 and 13 mini are more widely available.

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