Mail: between motorhomes and boats, two weights, two measures?

Mail: between motorhomes and boats, two weights, two measures?

Hello everyone,

I am a boater.

It's typically French to criticize others. The reviews are very disappointing.

First of all, I have nothing against motorhomes. After all, who hasn't dreamed of hitting the road in a motorhome, in countries where the rules are even more liberal? (go to the USA, or to other countries, have the right to stop anywhere, where the legislation would be less demanding).

Apart from the airstreams perhaps in Hopper's paintings (caravans which are magnificent)…I have never seen camper vans in paintings (Millet, Will…). Except in movies.

But to respond to the detractors:

My black water tanks are treated at the port.

About port, the right to the hull depends on the length… the prices vary enormously.

Insurance is not given either.

A berth varies between 60,000 and 400,000 euros minimum. 15 to 30 year lease. The state or the municipality resumes its rights afterwards.

Port costs: between 300 and … thousands of euros per month (fresh water, electricity, guarding) to be added to the berth which for rent is quite expensive.

Ports are being developed everywhere in the Mediterranean…because according to economic studies, a yachtsman spends 3 to 5 times more than an “ordinary” holidaymaker. I don't often cook on the boat: restaurants, bars….we consume… (almost as much as on the boat, by the way…) Towns with ports have good income and good infrastructure.

There is a good atmosphere, like motorhomes elsewhere. People pass by, dream, we show them. There are even campervans who got on my boat once… We're cool sometimes. People love the sight of boats. This is how. I'm sorry for you. The rules are very strict in port and offshore. We also have less room for error (I am thinking of those who risk their lives: the SNSM)

Have a lovely day everybody