Good deal: the Smart Battery Case for iPhone X/XS at half price |  iGeneration

Good deal: the Smart Battery Case for iPhone X/XS at half price | iGeneration


19 commentsStéphane Moussie |

The Smart Battery Case is one of the most practical iPhone battery cases, but its price is also one of the most exaggerated. So when its price is halved, it's a good plan. The Smart Battery Case for iPhone X/XS is “only” €75 on Amazon Germany with shipping costs to France, instead of €149, therefore.

You can connect to with your usual Amazon credentials, the only difficulty will be remembering your German lessons to place an order (although the path is well marked by Amazon with its yellow buttons).

Apple's battery case roughly doubles the battery life of the iPhone X/XS. It charges wirelessly or with a Lightning cable.

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redchou |

It smells of incompatibility with future models 🤔

marc-5 |


It's already incompatible with 11 Pro models 🤷‍♂️

redchou |


That the 11 pro or the 11 simple too?

marc-5 |


Both, but here we are talking about a case for the iPhone X/XS whose successor is the iPhone 11 Pro. The position and shape of the camera makes these old cases directly incompatible (hence the destocking). These models are already 2/3 years old.

redchou |


I thought it was still compatible with a model currently on sale...

TrollMan06 |

Buy a phone for its great design. Finding yourself with a tank in your hands. Well done iPigeons

bamboo55 |


It's the same reflection that I have when I see these horrors

Namingway |


At least you have the merit of having chosen your nickname well...

pagopa |


"You at least have the merit of having chosen your nickname well..."

But he's not completely wrong...

Namingway |


Personally, I don't buy my iPhones for their design (I would even say that I don't care since barely out of the box it is already in a protective silicone case...), and these cases- batteries are must-haves for me when you're a heavy user like me, in addition to protecting the device very well 👍🏻

socotran77 |


Exact! Before, after a while, when the battery became less good, I put this kind of thing There, with my X I bought a simple but transparent shell and I love my jewel, even if after 2 Years ago the hull became all brown there, so I just bought a new one and, again, I have a state-of-the-art iPhone X;)

stone10005 |


So you don't have a protective shell or tempered glass I imagine?

TrollMan06 |


Célestin, you can very well have a shell and a protective glass without degrading the design of the phone

andr3 | is available in English ... oh yes ... the only difficulty will be remembering your English lessons to place an order ;-)

remid |

I'm selling a new one for XS Max, for those interested....!

rolmeier |

Bought model for iPhone Xr on amazon warehouse, at 54 euros. Allegedly a cosmetic defect on the front, ???? 😂, in short, it arrived packaged like new with the seals, nothing found on the plastic of the hull, nickel working, used intensively for 3 months of summer in connection sharing which melts the battery visibly.

blogostef |

For those who can no longer find their German lessons and want to order: The Amazon Germany site is available in English.

pagopa |

Oh good? iPhone X batteries not enough either? 😜

Djoh776 |

What is also not bad is the AirPods Pro at 199€.

Check this out: Apple AirPods Pro Apple