Apple TV+ is the most respectful streaming service of privacy |igeneration

Apple TV+ is the most respectful streaming service of privacy |igeneration

Apple TV+ does not have the richness of the catalog of its rivals, but Apple's streaming service has other advantages: it's not expensive, the technical quality is at the top, and it is the most respectful platformprivacy.A report from the Common Sense non -profit organization has evaluated the policies and privacy practices of the main actors in the streaming and Apple TV+ is doing with the honors.

In fact, only Apple TV+ receives a "Pass" blue macaroon because of its good practices, although its 79% score is lower than that of YouTube TV which nevertheless scopes with an orange "warning" badge.Common Sense believes that Google's service has the most complete confidentiality policy, even if it operates some of the practices among the worst sector.In other words: we know perfectly where we set foot, and for that youtube TV scratches some additional points for its transparency.

For its part, Apple TV+ is less complete and less transparent in its policy for the student public (a relatively simple problem to settle), but the fact is that the service does not share and does not exploit the personal data of its subscribers foradvertising, marketing or follow -up.

Apple TV+ est le service de streaming le plus respectueux de la vie privée | iGeneration

Overall, the evaluation carried out by the authors of the study shows that apart from Apple TV+, all video streaming applications have practices that endanger the privacy of users: sale of data, sharing with third parties, display of targeted pubs, tracing, creation of profiles by data brokers.A husband not pretty-Joli…

The Apple TV (the case) also receives a "pass" badge because it is the only device of the five tested which was designed with the concern of confidentiality.Chromecast with Google TV has a better score, but with a warning for the same reasons as YouTube TV: a lot of transparency, but also a lot of bad practices.