11 DIYs to do with spray paint

11 DIYs to do with spray paint

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I certify that I do not send unwanted e-mailsIt does not take much to customize objects or even furniture. The proof with these DIYs, each more inventive and simple than the next. Long live the spray paint!

Want to customize objects without taking your head too much? We recommend without hesitation the use of spray paint. Spray paints work wonders with all types of creations. To customize in just a few minutes, spray paint is the solution. To simplify, it is the tool of lazy creatives and/or those who lack time.

Spray paint: our tips for use

Head for acrylic spray paint that you will find very easily in craft stores and even in DIY departments. It guarantees a very good adhesion to the object even if it is advisable in certain cases to prepare the surface by sanding it, for example if it is a question of completely repainting a wooden or metal piece of furniture. High quality of this type of aerosol: very resistant, the spray paint will not easily flake off. However, if you handle the object on a daily basis, do not hesitate to provide two layers.

What to do with spray paint?

We've scoured the web for the best ideas and the most creative DIYs for spray paint. With a spray paint you can in particular paint with precision certain elements of a chair: the legs or the bars for example. Or customize small objects such as a vase, dishes, a basket and even vegetables. Incredible, right?

11 DIY à faire avec des bombes de peinture

So quickly discover the DIYs in this file and consult our article Spray paint how to use it before you start.


lamp spray paint

Francois and me

This is the advantage of spray paint: with it, you can customize everything, even the lights! This is the case with this vintage accordion lamp, completely revised and corrected! An idea to steal from the François et moi blog.


Spray paint for dishes

Do you all have – in any case your grandmother must have – vintage Duralex type crockery items? Spray painting is also a way to revalorize the old, as Morganours did with these fruit baskets.


Spray paint for flower pots

Horse and heels had the good idea to paint very traditional flower pots in gold. They then welcome succulents and cacti, installed in a library, which thus become real decorative objects.

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basket spray paint

Alma's finds

Spray paint adapts to all supports and it is child's play to obtain a uniform finish even on surfaces that are not smooth. This is the case with this wicker basket completely revamped with silver spray paint. Congratulations Alma's finds!

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Spray paint for preserves

Home Yoh my

Don't throw away your cans, even rusty ones! Do like Home Yoh my and bomb them with gold paint that hides all the flaws instantly! It's up to you to transform them into vases or pencil holders.


mirror spray paint

Where bees are

Spray paint can also help you DIY things! This is the case for the creation of this sun mirror. In reality, it was made using a simple small round mirror, bits of bamboo and gold paint spray. A great idea to steal from Where bees are.


Glass spray paint

A Kailo figure life

On the blog A Kailo chic life we ​​appreciate the idea of ​​mixing colors to cover the glasses and the rest of the dishes. A very flashy rainbow effect, ideal for a party buffet or even a themed wedding.


Spray paint to take care of the details

Dainty dress diaries

On the Dainty dress diaries blog, it is the legs of the chair that have been painted in gold after it had previously been covered in pink with a brush. A little masking-tape to delimit the space is done!


Spray paint for magazine racks

Farm Fresh Therapy

Spray paint is often a good idea when you want to quickly give vintage objects a fresh look. This is the case for the blogger from Farm Fresh Therapy who wanted to give a touch of modernity to this magazine rack and who chose black spray paint for this.


Spray paint for vases


Do you have old vases? Wake them up by following the creative tutorial seen on Juliette's blog. You can opt for a flashy color or a very sober white that will reveal the shape of the object.


Spray paint for table decoration

You can spray paint anything! The proof with the pretty idea spotted at A Kailo chic life: a pumpkin pimped in copper which then accommodates a fruit cocktail. Guaranteed effect!

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